June 15, 2008 8:41 pm

The Wii-Snatcher

Yesterday, Daniel and I witnessed a very rude specimen of humanity. We were in CD Game Exchange, a used CD/DVD/Game store in Portland’s Hawthorne district, and we were standing in front of the glass case of gaming consoles, staring at a Wii.

Wiis are still very hard to come by here – you never see them for sale in stores because they are gone as soon as shipments arrive. And here we were, standing in front of one, on sale because it was pre-opened. We were nail-biting and pointing at it and debating pros and cons of buying it right there on the spot, when a dark-haired lady walked in and headed straight for the counter.

“Wii?” she demanded.

“Uh, sure, over here in this case…” the employee replied, and walked over to open the case we were staring at. Moving aside, we watched as he unlocked the case, took the Wii we were contemplating buying, and brought it over to the lady.

The next ten minutes were spent attempting to browse DVDs while listening to her snark about whether or not it works, does it comes with controllers, or what controllers she would need, what about batteries, what about this and what about that. She seemed so ungrateful and put-out about finding a used Wii for sale and was being a huge pain in the ass, and we had to listen to it all, wishing the Wii could be ours, hoping she’d decide not to buy it.

All I could come up with was maybe she lost a bet with her kids and had to buy them a Wii as the prize. It still didn’t excuse her snarky behavior, and we are still without a Wii because she snatched it out from under our noses.

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  • Rebecca says:

    That is indeed quite terrible human behaviour. Though when I was reading the beginning of your entry, I thought it would be worse like she shoved you over violently to get the Wii :P

    If only you had purchased the Wii – you wouldn’t have had to hear all that! :star: