June 5, 2008 2:31 pm

Wedding Aftermath

The main thing we never worked out in regards to the “destination” wedding setup was how to get our presents back home to Oregon. We threw out some ideas but nothing seemed easily do-able or appropriate. There was the U-Haul idea, which prompted me to ask, “Is my mother crazy?” since we totally did not get that much stuff; Then there was the idea that either my brother or my parents would make a visit to Portland and drive the gifts over with them, but no concrete plans were made so it never came through.

It’s now been almost two weeks since the wedding and we still do not have any kind of plan for gift transport. My mom is mailing a couple of them to us, along with the thank-you list so we can get started on writing our thank-you cards, but the rest of them (heavy things and large things) are stuck in Idaho.

This would be comical if it wasn’t so disappointing – I want to enjoy those gifts! We got a Swiffer WetJet that I could be using to clean the filth off our hardwood floors! There was a fantastically stylish silver wall clock and sheets and towels and all sorts of other glorious things I could be using but are currently sitting in my parents’ living room. Argh.

The tentative plan is that if nothing else poses itself as a solution, Daniel and I have a wedding to attend in late July and the present transport may dictate our mode of travel. Ideally, we’d take a plane over, but if the presents are still stuck we will probably rent a car and drive over so we can bring the presents back with us.

The other sort of sticky situation is that I will be changing my last name, and at present, I have no earthly idea where my Social Security card is. Last place I remember seeing it was on my computer desk in the apartment we moved out of last June. I haven’t bothered to look for it, I just know that I do not know where it is and normally I do. I need to have it before I can go apply for a revised one. That’s on my list of things to do for this weekend: hunt for tiny paper card.

I would like to get the name change thing done ASAP so it’s over with in one fell swoop. I don’t want things to linger around. If you get emails from me you may notice that I changed my last name on my Google account – do not be alarmed. It is still me, the Meggan with two G’s. I’m trying to get in the habit of using it on any signup forms that ask me for my last name.

The girls at work were amazed that I haven’t practiced my new signature. I’m not sure why I haven’t; it didn’t really occur to me, I guess. I don’t have notebooks scribbled with our names on them or anything. (Side note: Just tried it. Miserable failure. I got the first letter and the rest is a jumbly, unreadable mess. Which is probably fine for a signature, I just don’t like it. I see more practice in my future.)

Also, I have more pictures! I spent ages last night uploading all the ones I missed the first time around, so you can see the table decorations and everyone’s outfits. Here is a set for the wedding prep, and here’s all our honeymoon photos. I didn’t bother messing much with the tags, but I should at least have titles and descriptions for them. Enjoy!

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  • Vixx says:

    It took me forever to adjust to a new signature – on several occasions I had to cancel a credit card payment because I signed the wrong name (this was pre-PIN days)!

    And love your photos. :)

    V xx

  • Christine says:

    I just finished looking at all your photo’s. They’re so awesome. Your wedding was gorgeous. And you look AMAZING!!!1 And Daniel looks handsome.. and you guys just look so happy… it was a real treat to see. Thanks for letting us share in that moment :-)

  • Scarlet says:

    I just wanted to say Congratulations and I am very happy for both of you. <3