February 28, 2008 8:08 pm

Again with the spiders.

This time they are not on our porch, but they keep showing up in the bathroom. We have killed three identical spiders in the past week and I AM NOT ENJOYING IT.

This morning’s spider was found on the inside of the shower curtain, so I tried to push the curtain closer to the front wall of the shower to get a better squishing area, but the spider fell over and I had to shake the curtain to get it to fall into the tub. Then I squished it with a Q-tip box. Gross.

The spider prior to that scared me half to death as it appeared on the OUTSIDE of the shower curtain, conveniently right by my head as I was rinsing my mouth out after brushing my teeth. Horrifying. It climbed its way to the back wall of the shower and then on to the ceiling, whereupon Daniel tried to squish it with a broom but it FELL and I screamed and somehow it ended up dead. I don’t really recall that part.

The first spider was spotted in the morning as I was getting ready for work. I saw its reflection in the mirror and couldn’t figure out if it was just a weird paint spot or something more sinister. I turned around and saw that it was sinister and on the move. It climbed all over the wall and the shower and our shower caddy and Daniel’s shampoo and generally violated everything cleanly in the general shower region. Ugh.

And then I lost it.

I had no idea where it was hiding. I didn’t see it on the wall, the shower curtain, the shower caddy, any of the bottles or soap things… It was lost. I HATE THAT. If there is a creepy spider in the room, as counterintuitive as it sounds, I would like to know where it is at all times. And I lost it. And I had to leave for work right then.

This meant that I had to leave a note. It was a horrible note, as no one wants to wake up to something that says:

BEWARE: Spider in the shower. Tried to kill it but it got lost.

Poor Daniel. He said he wasn’t sure if he appreciated the note or if he would have felt better discovering it on his own. I still maintain I could not have gone to work with a clean conscience if I hadn’t at least warned him. But he managed to find the spider and kill it, so all is well.

Semi-unrelated tangent: After dispatching the spider, I jumped into the shower and several minutes later had another terrific scare. You know how water sometimes makes weird noises on plastic shower curtains if it hits it just right? This made some godawful noise like a croaking frog-man growl and my heart flew into my throat and I jumped and generally had the everloving wits scared out of me. By water. In the shower. Where you are probably the most vulnerable ever. It was awful.

I just hate when mornings start out like that.

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  • Bobbi-lee says:

    Aww that sounds horrible. I am not scared of spiders, but I am of cochraoches so I know the feeling. Did you know if you kill a spider more will always come back? Thats what I heard anyway. Have you found the web where they are coming from? Destroy the web, and spray all the corners of the room with spray and they shouldnt come back

  • Christine says:

    eeeeek! :O i don’t like spiders either! luckily, i live on the 12th floor of a highrise apt building. unluckily.. my bf lives in a basement suit and has an even more irrational fear of spiders that anyone i know. translation? i have to kill all the spiders.. and in the summer? oh gods. there are so many. *hides*

  • Saya says:

    I know what you mean. Every morning this week I’ve had to gather my courage and remove atleast one spider from the shower. They are only small, so I can manage taking them away without being too scared. It’s horrible though, they are on the toothbrush sometimes and they dangle down from the ceiling…yuck.

    AS you can tell, I’m also petrified of the things. I don’t kill them though, just get them removed from the house :) (it’s disgusting seeing their squished forms)