January 28, 2008 8:59 pm

Basement Horror Update!

Maintenance has started cleaning! [Read the beginning of the story here.] We were supposed to have a follow-up visit today (our kitchen cupboards appear to be detaching themselves from the ceiling so we mentioned it when they came in last week) and I left a note about the mess in the basement. The note was still there when I got home from work, but Daniel and I ran downstairs and checked and they have totally made progress.

They got rid of all the boxes and opened up all the storage units (except ours – I think it’s the only one being used) and shoveled out the foul grossness on the shelves. It actually looks kind of nice down there now. I didn’t take any follow-up photos but trust me, SO MUCH BETTER.

I still suspect that the maintenance people were the ones that discovered it and dragged the boxes out to begin with, but I still felt like too long a time went by before they really cleaned it out, hence leaving a note. And, yay! No more grossness.

I loved all of your comments about how gross it was. I mean, on a whole I don’t mind mice. I am not afraid of them. Even so, I do not want to live with them and have them leave that kind of filth behind, because YOW. It was like I could feel myself contracting Hantavirus.

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