January 15, 2008 1:12 pm

So glad I don’t use DreamHost.

Never have I been so happy to be with Site5 for hosting. Apparently, DreamHost ran some kind of script recently to nudge delinquent customers into paying their overdue bills. As it turns out, what they really did was run the script on 2008 customers instead of 2007, and in some cases it ran twice, causing massive overbilling and chaos.

Several people mentioned they were out $9000! The mildest offense was still over $100. I was sort of surprised to see how many people were overdrafted by this error, but I suppose if you’re only counting on paying $10 per month and that’s what you can afford, a $200 bill is not going to make you very happy.

A few people mentioned their credit being on the line – mortgage payments, credit repayment programs, etc. I hate to think how many people were totally screwed due to this massive mistake.

I should mention that I have not used DreamHost’s services. I’ve had two hosts, the first being Cyberpixels and we all remember how that went down, and now I’m with Site5 and couldn’t be happier. Still, I was surprised to see how many people host business sites with DreamHost – I always assumed them to be sort of… well, the sort that have a spare server in their parent’s basement. I know they host a huge number of sites, but they always seemed too unprofessional for me to even think of using them for a client site. I feel really awful for the people who now have to explain to their clients why all their sites are down (many of the overcharged sites also got suspended, presumably for non-payment).

I’ve read about DreamHost’s screwups before. The last one I heard about was when they had massive downtime and then sent out some ridiculously flippant email about it, like, HEY WE’RE REALLY DUMB HERE’S A RABBIT AND A PANCAKE TO CHEER YOU UP.

Messing with hosting is one thing, but deducting hundreds of thousands of dollars from bank accounts all over the world? No. Grow up. Stop fucking around and own up to what was probably the stupidest mistake in your hosting history. Refund the money, cover the overdraft charges (or work with banks to negate them) and learn to proofread your code.

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  • Schnozz says:

    Yeah, I got a $600 bill in my e-mail this morning. The heart attack, I am assuming, was complimentary.

    They still haven’t sent out anything to let anyone know that it’s a mistake, at least as far as I can tell.

    I’ve never had a problem with Dreamhost and am generally just lazy about switching hosts. I signed on when I didn’t know any better and have been too overwhelmed by the idea of switching. Maybe now’s the time!

  • Vixx says:

    I had a bill for $200. Thankfully I don’t keep CC details on my account and pay by PP as and when, so I didn’t lose any money.

    That said? I’ve always been really happy with them. Up time’s generally good, support lightning quick and I think the features and extras are impressive. *shrug* No plans to move as of yet.

    V xx

  • Meggan says:

    I seriously feel so bad for the both of you – I can’t imagine waking up to a surprise $600 bill.

    It was bad enough when Cyberpixels double-charged me for one month and then wouldn’t refund it, and then charged me again after I canceled my hosting with them and wouldn’t refund that either. That said, the grand total? $14. Nowhere near this level.

    I hope neither of you think I was being disparaging toward people that use DreamHost – I mean, you choose who you think is best at the time. I encouraged Daniel’s mom to use Cyberpixels for her website and she’s been absolutely fine for years now. I really think it’s luck of the draw if you get bad service from a host. For as many people you hear having a wretched time, the same amount are just fine and always have been.

    Still, so scary.

  • Jamie says:

    Yay Site5 FTW. I stayed away from Dreamhost for a number of reasons and now I’m glad I did.

  • Christine says:

    :!: I can’t imagine getting that high of a bill >< I use a small Canadian company, and they’re completely awesome, so hopefully I wont see any scary errors like this.

  • Vixx says:

    Nope. No offense taken. :)

    V xx

  • Jenn says:

    Wow. I’ve heard of screw ups, downtime, suspensions and double billing, but THAT kind of money taking is incredible. And horrible.

    In regards to CP – I was with them for a few months in the summer of 2002, when they first came into existence. They were decent then.

  • CARLY says:

    I use surpass hosting, and I’ve never found any reseller hosting service that cheap, with as many good features. I’m very pleased with them, waking up to a bill for $100s would be a nightmare for me! (well, and anyone)

  • Sarah says:

    I just checked my Dreamhost Panel, worried, but fortunately it says I owe $0. Pfhew.

  • Hev says:

    Mine was $300 heart stopping bill. Thankfully I don’t let them automatically deduct from my credit card. I would switch, but every other host is higher then DH including Site5. Not happy about this.

  • kadeliah says:

    cyberpixels is stressing me out big time. they do not host me, but they have my domain name which is just as bad. i want to transfer big time cause they suck and now time is coming up for me to pay the renewal fee. i have not gotten any response at all in regards to the transfer or paying my fees :devil: