January 3, 2008 2:19 pm

The Giant Wedding Update You Are All Waiting For

If you are not interested in weddings or wedding planning, TURN BACK NOW. I rarely talk about it unless someone else brings it up, so here it all is in one go in case anyone was curious.

The Location

We have one! It is in Sandpoint, ID. because that is where most of our families are. It is theater-like and spacious. I am not crazy about the gold*, but I realize that is the whole decor of the room and I suppose it is elegant after all.


The place is obviously still in progress, but it is getting closer and closer to being done. We met one of the owners and he seemed very nice, and seems committed to making it a lovely place. We will have both the wedding and the reception in this room, so it will take some choreographing to get the switcheroo done.

The ceremony will take place on the stage, probably with the reception tables along the far back wall of the room. Once the ceremony is over, we will exit and chairs and tables will be rearranged (by guests? helpers? gnomes?) and we’ll come back in for the reception.

*This is a lie. I loathe it, actually, but what can you do?

The Dress

My mom will be sewing my dress for me, out of this McCall’s pattern:

The Dress

I think I am going to go with the shorter train, as I’m sure I’ll be tripping over it enough anyway. I will not be going and trying on dresses at a shop, as that sounds like my worst nightmare and a recipe for disaster since I am so difficult to fit.

The Colors

Definitely green. Kind of a springy, sage green. NO FOREST GREEN. Nothing log-cabiny. Brown will be another featured color, and I’m thinking if I need some sort of accent color it will be a tangerine orange.

The Attendants

I am pretty sure the boys will be wearing khaki pants, brown button-up shirts, and possibly green ties. Or maybe just green boutonnières. The ladies will probably have brown dresses and green bouquets, but I have no idea what style of dress might work for everyone.

The Flowers

I recently discovered that the neat little puffball flowers I like are called “Kermits.” They are the ones on the left in this photo:

Birch Decorations

Ideally, we’d have flowers that are green, like those Kermits and maybe Bells of Ireland and the like. Greenery. The birch centerpieces are still a favorite, but I have some other ideas for the tables too and I keep getting persuaded to do other things, so as much as I like them, that one’s still up in the air.

The Reception

It will be very simple, with veggies and dip-type appetizers and coffee and cupcakes. We do not want a big, drawn-out, expensive sit-down dinner. The wedding will be early afternoon, so it’s not really a mealtime anyway. I do not anticipate having alcohol (other than champagne for a toast maybe) but we’ll see. I’m sure I’ll get talked into it somehow.

The Ceremony

No bad poetry. Will probably have pretty traditional vows (’til death do us part, etc.) and maybe some sort of symbolic gesture like lighting candles or pouring two containers of sand into a jar.

The Honeymoon

Undecided. Iceland still sounds fun, but I really doubt we can pull it off right after the wedding. Maybe we’ll take a trip somewhere else for fun right away and do an extended honeymoon later.


Really, as long as we are married by the end of it and no one is dead, it will have been a success. This probably explains why I have not done any concrete planning like making phone calls to caterers or ordering invitations or obtaining passports. In due time, I suppose.

We’re getting married! Squee!

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  • Meagan says:

    Hooray, hooray! I love a good update!

  • tyra says:

    That looks spectacular! good luck on the wedding!

  • Vixx says:

    It all sounds gorgeous – particularly that stunning, glorious dress!

    V xx

  • Schnozz says:

    You can always just make an aisle out of the tables, if you don’t want to have to awkwardly move a bunch of stuff right in the middle of your event. I faced the same problem and ended up doing that, and it worked out great! We just gave everyone a heads-up so they could all turn their chairs around if necessary with minimal additional scraping noises. :)

    Looks like the planning is going well … hooray!

  • Erin says:

    Oh excellent! I’m going to have my dress made by a pattern too. I can’t find much of anything that I like.

    I hope that your wedding goes beautifully. And feel free to gush on about it more. Weddings are wonderful!

  • Melissa says:

    “…and no one is dead…” – ROFL. XD

    It sounds like you will have a truly lovely wedding. I adore the colors, especially how you’re wanting to use brown…I think it’s such an elegant, under-used color, you can just match so many other choices with it.

    I’d never heard of the tradition of pouring sand into a jar…I really like that idea! :D It seems very unique, how cool! :D

    Good luck with everything! :D

  • Bubs says:

    How EXCITING!!! Your dress is beautiful! I want to have mine made for me as well ;) Have fun planning!

  • kerrianne says:

    I love “springy, sage green.” My mom looked at me like I was crazy when she asked me what I wanted for colors and I said “green.” She was all, “And…?” “Just green.”

    My gals wore brown, but they were different dresses. I don’t even know that anyone would be able to notice though, and I love the idea of attendants wearing the same color, but different dresses based on their body type.

    It definitely looks like everything is going to be awesome. And Iceland sounds non-traditionally rad.

  • Jem says:

    “as long as we are married by the end of it and no one is dead, it will have been a success” – LOL, sounds like the best way to plan a wedding! You seem to be taking a fairly relaxed view of it (maybe that’s just the way the post comes off?) which is good. I often see couples getting so stressed and spending so much money that by the time the big day comes around they’re more relieved than actually happy.

    Eeeh.. it’s all quite exciting ;)

  • CARLY says:

    Wow, sounds fantastic… I love how you have gone for none traditional colours. Everyone over here has burgandy, gold, lilac and silver (not all together.) Tangerine! You could have big glass stands with tangerines on each table as a center piece and then everyone can eat them after…yum yum… Ah ok, maybe not!

  • Sarah says:

    Those “flowers” are awesome! They’re very chic and earthy-looking, and they’re definitely different from the normal hunks of blooms you see at weddings.