December 5, 2007 6:41 pm

Help Me Accessorize.

I knew I should have posted this yesterday, as Jem has posted something similar and now I feel like a dolt posting this, but I am in need of help (Amanda? Somebody?) and so I am proceeding.

I have a dress that I bought on a whim because it fit nicely and would make a cute holiday dress. It is patterned in red, black, and beige in a geometric sort of way, and it has 3/4 sleeves and a v-neck. It is roughly knee-length on me, perhaps a bit below the knee since I am very short.

Pattern Close-up Holiday dress

My dilemma is that I have no earthly idea how to accessorize outfits. I assume I should wear a necklace, yes? But I don’t quite know what styles I should be looking for. Chokers are out, as I think they make my neck look, well, weird. Stubby. And nobody wants a stubby neck. Do I need a pendant? A funky, outrageous thingy? A subtle silver chain-type deal that ends in a Y shape? HELP.

And shoes. I know many people are passionate about shoes and I am not one of them and am therefore totally out of my element. I think since I am very short, I probably need some kind of heel, but I’m not particularly good at walking in heels so maybe err on the short-heeled side?

My shoe criteria:
– Can have a heel, and I am better with wedge-type chunky heels than I am with pointy stiletto-type heels
– Should probably be black?
– My feet are size 7 for the most part, but if I am not wearing socks sometimes I can get away with a 6.5

I’m already looking into getting Louboutins from sites like, but I want to hear your output.

Anything else I should be thinking of? A scarf-y type jacket shawl thing? I will probably be wearing this in the winter in Idaho, so take that as you will.

Price is only sort of an issue; I am naturally frugal so deals excite me, and I am not terribly interested in spending $100+ on one pair of shoes ($50 would be high-ish but okay, $75 is pushing it) unless they are the most magical amazing things you have ever seen in your life. I don’t really have a basis for comparison on jewelry, so use your best judgment.

I have a few weeks to get this stuff, so links to specific products are very welcome, but please use TinyUrl if they are super long. Thanks, guys! I totally owe you one.

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  • Amanda says:

    Oooh, how flattering. :P

    I’d look into a really really delicate necklace – a silver rather than a gold. Nothing too long, or too intricate, as it wouldn’t clash with the busy pattern of the dress. Something plain like this would work wonders.

    You’d want to match earrings to that as well. Something mid-length (e.g. an inch long?) and dangly. Skip the bracelet though – necklace and earrings should be enough.

    As for shoes, since you’re going to be in the middle of winter, I’d suggest patterned stockings and a smart ankle boot. Like this, only with a lower heel if that’s what you prefer (no wedge heels in boots though…nor chunky heels in ankle boots. It’ll have to be a thin stick heel). They’ll be warmer than fancy shoes anyway, and the stockings will make it just as dressy. :)

    As for a wrap or shawl – well that’s really just a temporary thing right? You’d only be wearing it from the car to the door of whatever thing you’re going to, so it needn’t be particularly intricate. Though a black pashmina with silver flecks would look divine with your dress if worn in this way.

  • lizz says:

    patterned stockings with a patterned dress? i don’t know about that one but i definitely agree with boots (black or red) and chunky extra long necklace (or just a string of black or red balls) that you can drape twice around the neck and some cute earrings (perhaps balls). also in the shoe department you could do black or red flats with solid stockings. if you need a jacket you might want to do a black crop cardigan (at buffalo exchange) with all the other accessories in black as well. maybe even a skinny black headband.

    other then that white accessories might be fun to.

    it looks and sounds fun. i hoped this helped=) ~lizz

  • Chris says:

    Oh, you totally need Kerri Anne’s expertise! She’s asleep now (as I should also be) but I will tell her in the morning to check out this post. She can help, too!

  • Brigitte says:

    I think bracelets would be really cute with it, like those chunky plastic ones, since the pattern it retro, I think it would look fun :madeup:

  • kerrianne says:

    Um, I love how Chris just totally pimped out my “expertise” (heh) and then totally forgot to tell me. Awesome.

    But hello! I suggest: a big (wooden if you can find one) beaded necklace, that accents one of the colors in the dress. So red, black, or beige, as it were. I have a maroon one, and used to have a blue, but alas, I lost it.

    As for the shoes, I think black wedge would be fantastic, and I recently stumbled upon this site: That’s it! Heels dot com. Genius! And they offer FREE OVERNIGHT shipping, on every order. Double awesome.

    Good luck! And let me know if you want to go shopping. I like shopping.