October 5, 2007 12:13 pm


This makes me absolutely LIVID: Ann Coulter wants to take away women’s right to vote.

And honestly? I didn’t think it was possible, but this infuriates me even more:

I am a woman, and I support repealing the 19th Amendment as well. Can any of you dispute the statistical FACT that if we took away women’s right to vote, we’d never have another Democratic President elected? I think only one Democratic President in that last 60 years was elected with a majority male vote. Why is it that the Democratic Party can’t get men to vote for them? I know why women (especially single women) vote Democratic: because they need a daddy or hubby to take care of them.

My brain hurts from trying to fathom this comment. As though having a Democratic president were the worst that could happen? I don’t care if that is a “statistical FACT” or not – it’s still a horrible, wretched reason to drag this country back to the last century.

You want to know why women vote for Democrats? THEY HAVE WOMEN’S INTERESTS IN MIND. It’s possible that men do not vote as much for Democratic candidates, but I’d guess it’s primarily because they do not have as many personal, close-to-home issues to feel strongly about as women.

Seriously? Getting rid of women’s rights to vote because you don’t like which candidate they choose? That, to me, is practically the very definition of being anti-democracy. I can’t imagine voluntarily abolishing your right to have a say in what happens to your own country, your own family, and your own body because you don’t like how other women vote.

Rory’s follow-up comment was this:

Because, missmolly, Republicans like Ronald Reagan won’t let government take care of poor, defenseless little women. Strong women vote GOP!

…and then this:

I would gladly give up my life if it means no more Democratic Presidents get elected.

Again, as though that were the worst that could happen? If that’s not voting on the party line, I don’t know what is. “Who cares about the issues – as long as they’re Republican, I’m good.” It’s a label. A LABEL. I could have a vehemently pro-choice, pro-gov’t sponsored healthcare, anti-death penalty, pro-women platform and label myself a Republican. Would “Rory” still vote for me then?

Also found on Digg: Lady worries about the effects of jackhammer noise on her unborn baby whilst smoking a cigarette. She apparently remains unconcerned about the effects of cigarettes on unborn babies.

A selected comment from that post:

What surprises me most is that this woman is actually pregnant. The fact that she’s complaining about something means she’s definitely a Lib, and Libs usually murder their babies before they get too far along. Maybe this slut is holding out for a partial birth abortion.

What surprises me is that “Jehovah” thinks all “Libs” are baby-hating assholes. “Usually murder?” C’mon. Liberals don’t hate babies – we like babies so much that we want them to be born to parent(s) who WANT them and are able to care for them. And oooh does that “partial birth abortion” bit get me. That makes it sound as though it’s a party she can’t wait to get to; as though it were a risk-free procedure anyone would choose willingly; as though she is purposefully waiting so she can forgo the less-complicated procedure in favor of the more angst-ridden, complicated, emotional procedure.

Don’t feed the trolls, I know. It’s so hard not to, though, when what they say is so demeaning.

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  • Elliot says:

    A brief response in defense of Ann Coulter; nevermind, I can’t think of anything.

    Rather, I submit to you this: Ann Coulter thinks that we should take away a womans right to vote because it will no affect her at all. Her Adam’s apple is evidence enough to suggest this hypothesis.
    You know what Ann? As long as we are taking away the right to vote (and that’s what it is: a right), let’s take away the right to run for office, because seriously, who’s going to vote FOR someone that can’t vote? You know what? Why do we even let them read and goto college, they should just stay home all the time and cook (I’d suggest this to my wife, but she’d beat the shit out of me).
    Ann calls it her pipe dream, and hopefully it stays that, a pipe dream: something that you know can never come true. I have a pipe dream: that everyone in this country of inalienable civil rights is treated equally, and fairly. That everyone really gets equal rights, and they get equal representation and that everyone is treated fairly, and that we pursue peace above all else, along with fiscal and environmental responsibility. That we are not subject to prejudice. That we use the power of the government not to rise up the richest amongst us, but to rise up the least amongst us, that we help our fellow man, not our rich contributors and co-conspirators.
    And yes, Ann, on that day we will pay for health care, and tuition, and day-care and so much more, because this is the United fucking States, and that’s what this country is about: everybody’s supposed to get a shot, everybody’s supposed to have a chance. I know that’s Ann’s parent’s bought her chance, but shouldn’t everyone get an equal chance, and that way the smart ones run the show, not the rich ones?
    I’d respond to the anti-choice news, but I’ve taken enough of your space.

  • Elliot says:

    Okay, I’m going to say something anyway.

    How could someone possibly think that liberals want abortions? We are pro CHOICE, not pro abortion. No one is pro abortion, no one wants an abortion! What kind of horrible person thinks that anyone could WANT an abortion? Sicko.

    I just know that if it’s illegal, there are going to be all kinds of terrible “coat-hanger” abortions done in back rooms that will put the woman in just as much risk as the fetus. There will be women dying all over from the aftereffects of something like that. I simply think that there should be a way to ensure the safety of the woman. Do you think that woman that wrote that cares about women’s health, because I don’t think she does?

    Also, the original post is about a pregnant woman smoking and complaining about something, so she’s labeled a liberal. Just because she’s complaining about something she’s a liberal?! So liberals are just a bunch of whiners? I should just shut up and not complain about how my civil liberties are going down the drain, and just be glad that I still have enough rights to complain (but I’m only allowed to have them if I don’t use them!).

    And the fact that she’s smoking and pregnant leads me to believe that she’s not a liberal. Liberals and progressives are found to read more and to have a better understanding of the issues in this country in general. I therefore postulate to you that this woman that is stupid enough to be smoking while with child is not a liberal. Also, there is evidence to suggest that children that receive abstinence only sexual education are not prepared for when they do have intercourse and therefore do not know what to do to prevent STD and teen pregnancy. Comprehensive sex ed is found to be far more effective in preventing both. I can therefor assume that this girl did not receive proper sex ed, and was raised in a conservative area where sex ed is thought of as “scary.” Should my assumption be true, this girl is a product of what happens when conservative policies are put into practice, and thus is the reason that abortion should be legal.

    She probably didn’t vote, because she doesn’t know that she’s allowed to vote.

  • Vixx says:

    As I don’t know much about the details of American politics I can’t comment on much, but I can voice my concern on such a ludicrous, sexist, stereotypical, ASSHOLIC statement.

    Arrrgh. I have a stupidity-induced migraine now.

    V xx

  • Lew says:

    Being a Brit, and a pretty well educated Brit (*cough* oxford *cough*), I’m pretty well versed in political systems and most of the worlds most powerful democracies.

    Couple this with what I’ve learned from American friends over the last ten years, and a recent three week visit to DC I can safely say:

    The US political system is a mess. The whole two-house system is a good idea poorly executed. Both houses are inhabited by people who have to curry votes, and therefore have an agenda.

    You have a head of state who can pretty-much veto any decision anyone else, including the people at large, make.

    Lastly the people of the US can’t even consider their vote counted. Proportional representation is an evil political device that essentially rigs elections.

    Sorry, I’ll stop ranting now.