September 19, 2007 9:25 pm

Planning Woes

Thanks for your responses to my last post. I’m always interested in details of other people’s lives, and I’d love to change my own habits. We did some kitchen design improvement and home remodeling recently with the help of a kitchen remodeling contractor and bought our first kitchen table (JOKKMOKK from IKEA). I can say for sure that planning a kitchen renovation is crucial before you actually work on any updates to achieve a cohesive design for your kitchen.

We also bought a matching set of hampers (the hampers match, I mean – they don’t match the table. That would be weird) so we’ve been combining our laundry into “light-ish” and “colors, dark things and jeans” instead of “his” and “hers” and it seems to be going well so far.

We’ve also talked about putting some reversible magnet on the fridge that shows whose turn it is to get groceries. Then there’s no confusion. I figure I can come up with one out of felt and embroider something clever on it.

In other apartment/flat news, you remember the people below us that smoke up a storm, right? The ones whose blinds are all yellow and disgusting? The ones where, when we mentioned their (forbidden) smoking to the move-in inspector, the inspector chuckled and made an “oh, that’s just them” remark and mentioned how they’d lived there for 18-odd years and they’d just have to replace the blinds when they moved out? There was a pink eviction notice taped to our front door today regarding that unit. EVICTION. Now I am curious what they did to deserve that.

I’m finding it increasingly difficult to post anything interesting since the place I spend most of my time (work) is the exact thing we all know is a bad idea to write about. Let me just say that my department seems woefully understaffed for the amount of work coming in and it is not so good for the sanity bit of my brain.

I am also having some valid concerns about that thing we have coming up next year that starts with a W. The planning of it, I mean, not the W itself. In short, I am coming up short on enthusiasm from my immediate family and it is ruffling my feathers. Figuratively speaking. Asking for favors is like pulling teeth and I am becoming increasingly frustrated and worried and hurt.

It is difficult to plan a wedding long-distance. I get that. BUT. This location thing? If that is worked out, I can take care of invitations and catering and so many other things over the phone. I don’t have to be there. My problem is that I can’t order save the date cards unless I know where the goddamn thing is going to be held, you know? I’m just getting the distinct impression that this is more of a total pain in the ass rather than a fun event to be excited about. And that makes me feel bad.

That said, it could be worse. I could be having fears that Daniel is not the person I want to marry (he definitely is) or something else equally as important. I am not having those kind of fears and that is a positive thing. Because honestly? I could get married in a dirt hole for all I care as long as we end up married. And that’s the important bit.

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  • Bobbi-lee says:

    And that is exactly why my fiance and I have not gotten married yet. The location. It is so difficult with his family on one side of the country, mine on the other, and us smack bang in the middle. Yet his family won’t come our way so fiance wants to go there. My family will come to our city, but they wont go to the other side of the country. I feel the same with “I could get married in a dirt hole for all I care as long as we end up married.”
    Thats why we have decided it would be easier to elope.
    Btw, that magnet idea sounds so cute/ideal. I don’t think we could do that though, we usually just do our shopping together on payday (Thursday) and usually he will buy groceries and I waill pitch in, and then I pay for the other stuff like “luxuries” etc.

  • Bobbi-lee says:

    Oh also, I just got a pay raise, so now I earn more than my fiance, so I guess it should be my turn to pay all the groceries and loan payments whilst he can take care of the rent and luxuries

  • Meggan says:

    With us, the location city-wise isn’t an issue at all. We’re both from the same town, and that’s where most of our family still lives. So that’s easy. The problem is finding an actual venue to use in that town. There are lots of options, but since I can’t go check them out myself, I have to rely on other people to get stuff done and that’s where it seems to be falling flat.

    I did call the place that we want though, and I asked about someone coming and checking it out and they said that’s fine. So yay? Progress?

  • Meagan says:

    DUDE! I will totally check out places for you–I don’t have a jam-packed schedule so I could fit it in sometime–let me know if you need any help!

  • Elliot says:

    I thought that I should say congratulations, I haven’t been around in a while (send me an email). And I felt that I should say, from the other side the W, that it’s the most planning that you can do for something that you are too euphoric to remember. It’s going to be in the Pit right? Once you pick a venue, just let everything else evolve, if you push it, you’ll just go nuts!