June 13, 2007 6:54 am

Cardboard Boxes

This moving stuff is rough. (We got the apartment, in case you missed that in the last entry. I hid it.) I am living in a sea of cardboard boxes and packing tape.

Compounding the moving issue is that we are leaving for Idaho on Saturday. That means that I have three days left to pack and get everything in order because we will be gone for a week and then THE DAY AFTER WE GET BACK is our official move-in date and we have no time to get things in order then. So I have to decide what I will take with me when I pack for our vacation (oh god, forgot I had to set out time to pack for that. Argh.) and then put EVERYTHING ELSE into boxes.

The packing is coming along well though; we managed to get rid of our two twin bed sets (two mattresses, two box springs, and two metal bed frames) through Craigslist – somebody just came by and picked them up. I would have rathered we receive some money for them, but I think these people were very much in need and, well, we needed them gone more than we need the money right now. So it’s okay.

I have absolutely no idea how we’re going to negotiate the computer moving and subsequent cable-hooking-up so you may not see me around here for… a while. Two weeks? I figure that my posting has been erratic enough that you may not even notice. Heh.

In other news, Daniel just bought his first high-end home espresso machine. It is used, but totally souped up and comes with a zillion accessories and milk pitchers and tampers and all this other stuff that makes it a total deal. He’s having it shipped to Idaho so it will be there when we arrive – that way he can test it out and make sure everything is in good working order and then we can just bring it back with us when we leave and hook it up at the new place.

(There is another topic I have been dying to post about – it involves a knitting celebrity – but I have to upload pictures and everything and it will be time-consuming. Will try to post that soon-ish.)

Edited to add: Hate crime in Indiana – Why no coverage? This story is both horrifying and very, very sad. Do what you can to spread the word and try to get some media coverage.

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