June 5, 2007 9:24 pm


I heard rumors yesterday about our local Hollywood Video selling all of their VHS tapes for a dollar each. Turns out those rumors were true. :grin: I managed to find a ton of movies and then Daniel came by after work and found more. We narrowed it down to (I am ashamed) twenty-six. Seriously? If you had the whole pick of the movie store? For a dollar? I had a horrible time trying to decide. Daniel got a ton of music video tapes from the 80’s that I’m sure we’ll never watch, and I got a ton of movies I’ve wanted for a while but probably would never buy on DVD.

The finds I’m most proud of, though, are both of the Ewok movies. EWOKS. I love the Ewoks. I grew up watching Battle for Endor and had absolutely no idea it was even remotely related to Star Wars until I was in the eighth grade. I understand that hardcore fans of Star Wars are probably booing me right now and I get that, I do, but I still like the Ewoks. And Teek. And Wilford Brimley as Noa.

I also bought Chicken Run, Monsters, Inc., and Where the Heart Is, as well as Willow and Labyrinth. All in all it was a very productive evening. :cheer:

Guess what? We got the apartment! Our tenative move-in date is the 25th of this month, as the apartment opens on the 18th but we’ll be in Idaho from the 16th to the 24th. I will TOTALLY post pictures as soon as I have them.

We’re going to try to actually make an effort to decorate this new place, and I am so looking forward to the new IKEA that’s opening this summer. It is lovely and affordable and we can get a real kitchen table! With chairs! Because we will have a place to put it!

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  • Tracey says:

    I think I might’ve bought the whole store out, I wouldn’t have the self control to narrow the choices down enough!

    Congratulations on getting the apartment. Shopping spree at IKEA time, I think :grin:

  • Melissa says:

    Congrats on the apartment! I’m so jealous that you get to shop at IKEA! I wish I had a place of my own to do up in nifty IKEA stuff. Love that store! I was just there today, in fact :D

  • Claire says:

    Looking forward to pics of your new flat (sorry, “apartment” ;) )

    A dollar for a video? That’s like 40p or something – Bargain! No wonder you couldn’t narrow it down. :lol:

  • Melissa says:

    YAY for the aparmtment, grats! :star:

    Oh wow, so lucky about all those movies! For a dollar, and VHS is still good! :D