June 2, 2007 2:50 pm

Things that have happened recently.

Had to give a verbal notice regarding vacating our current apartment before our current residential property management company would agree to give a referral to the background check people, meaning Daniel was on the phone for a good part of Friday afternoon trying to get everything smoothed out. They’re a full management firm is what they’re telling me, which is why this property management company is covering all their bases and making sure everything’s as it should be. I understand, but personally, I wish renting wasn’t as complicated as it ends up being.

Overshared on the phone with my mom yesterday and blurted out that we are refusing to have a religious wedding ceremony. Hoping I do not get any weird calls from relatives trying to guilt me otherwise.

Callie’s hard drive in her computer died, two weeks before graduation. This was after the business card fiasco in which she had her cards printed and then received a call from her mom saying that her phone number was going to be changed, like, NOW. Business cards had to be reprinted with the new number and re-payed for, and then now there is the hard drive death. Please send good wishes Callie’s way, and please for the love of all things sacred back up your computer.

I put some clothes in bags to give away. I didn’t even know I owned a pair of khaki pants, much less several, so I think it’s fitting that they should be given away.

Discovered the Citysearch reviews page for aforementioned current property management company. Considering roughly 17 out of 19 reviews were horrible, I’m kind of glad I discovered it now and not right before we moved in. Based on their disorganization, I’m actually rather nervous about the referral they’re going to give to the background check people. And if they give a negative one and we’re declined, they’ve already made us give our notice on this place. ARGH.

I don’t even know if I mentioned this but Heidi came down last weekend and we had a glorious time with the nail painting and wedding talk and girly movies like Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. (I heart America Fererra, btw.)

Um, that might be it.

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