May 14, 2007 8:52 pm

Super Music Question

What kind of music gets you totally pumped up? I’m talking about the kind of songs where, when you put them on, you totally can’t help but dance around your living room because they are so rockingly awesome.

Very near the top of my list would be “Birdhouse In Your Soul” by They Might Be Giants. I don’t know what it is about that song, but I put it on and I then I end up looking like an absolute fool in my living room. Also very high on the list is TMBG’s version of “Istanbul, Not Constantinople.” It is just so catchy!

Also on my list would be:

  • almost anything from Fear Factory, but especially Dog Day Sunrise and Archetype
  • The Good Ship Lifestyle by Chumbawamba
  • a lot of Marilyn Manson songs but titles aren’t coming to me right now
  • Open Road Song by Eve 6
  • (I can’t believe I am admitting this) anything off of Bleed American by Jimmy Eat World
  • Girl from Ipanema Goes to Greenland by The B-52’s
  • Jolene by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
  • (before I forget, because I know Callie will mention it) The Faint
  • Video Killed the Radio Star by The Presidents of the USA

I could probably spend all night coming up with songs that make me want to get up and move, but what are yours?

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  • Adastra says:

    Otyg – Trollslottet
    In Flames – Cloud Connected
    Finntroll РF̦rsvinn du som lyser (Visor om slutet)

  • Rose says:

    This is lame:
    Music by Aqua.

    No laughing plz.

  • Sarah says:

    – Most anything by Black Eyed Peas;
    – Gwen Stefani’s new album;
    – Nine Inch Nails’ new album Year Zero;
    – Garbage;
    – The peppier Placebo songs;
    – The peppier Bjork songs;
    – Several t.A.T.u. songs.

  • MC says:

    I’d have to say “I Like the Way You Move” by Bodyrockers. That song definitely gets me on my feet.

    Also, I’m partial to Yeah Yeah Yeahs, some of their tunes have me getting off my chair.

  • Kenneth says:

    Coming up with good songs is always hard. I know lots of beautiful songs, but catchy songs are a whole different kind.

  • Julianne says:

    “Dude (Looks Like A Lady)” by Aerosmith, bar none. :D

  • Nicole says:

    haha there is one song and I dont remember the name of it, but it is by marylyn manson and everytime I hear I have to spastically dance around where ever I am.

    Now its more of sort of a tradition, and a joke.

    Lyrics to the chorus are:
    Rebel Rebel Bitch Bitch Rebel Rebel Party Party, sex sex sex and dont forget the violence!

    haha, I dont know any of the rest of the song but that chorus can get me going hah.

  • Melissa says:

    Right now… Glamorous by Fergie. XD That one makes me skip around the house and dance! :star:

  • Geo says:

    Wolfmother. And the Filthy Gorgeous song by Scissor Sisters.

  • lkvy says:

    Candle in the Wind by Elton John. Mos def.

  • Alyssa says:

    Foreigner by De/Vision. But nobody knows who they are hahaha. Or Heut Ist Mein Tag by Blumchen, another obscure band. I always end up, em…spasming to either of those. Because that’s what my dancing looks like. An epileptic fit. :D

  • callie says:

    Nights of Cydonia by Muse can bring me out of even the most un-dancing moods, and I automatically rock out every time I hear it. Also, several Daft Punk songs, and anything by The Faint (of course), are rather necessary for any sort of Dance Party. And lately, Alive With the Glory of Love, by Say Anything has been doing it for me.