April 9, 2007 1:00 pm

The state of things

Just a quick note to say no, I am not dead, and yes, I know I still have a website. I’ve started a post about books I’ve read or bought recently, but I haven’t finished it yet and I wanted to have a block of time to sit down and just write.

I went to see two movies this weekend – “Blades of Glory” on Friday and the Grindhouse double-feature by Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez on Sunday. Blades of Glory made me laugh out loud. It’s just so outrageous. I did like the double-feature, but I enjoyed the second movie (“Death Proof”) better than the first.

I’m working on making a stuffed rabbit and I’m very optimistic about it. I have all the pieces cut out and the face embroidered, but I didn’t have time last night to do anything else. I’ll probably bust out the sewing machine after I get home from work and try to finish it up, and I’ll be sure to post some photos.

I’ve been thinking about houses a lot lately, but I’m 99.9% sure it’s totally out of the cards for at least several more years. At the very least, I’d like to move to an apartment that doesn’t seem like a last choice. Some people have nice apartments and I would like to be one of those people. The problem? Our lease isn’t up until December. Errgh. That means weird situations involving moving during Christmas, or moving earlier and having to pay rent on two places or something silly. I think Daniel and I combined are making enough money now to afford a better apartment, and while I would totally love a house where I could do some exterior painting and decorate and do my own thing with, a nicer apartment would be a good first step.

I’ve also been reading knitting blogs when I can and I’d like to get back in the swing of things with my knitting. (Side note: I hate feeling like I don’t have enough time to do anything. Kills me.) I need to learn how to do hats. Or at least something more complicated than a scarf. I find all these glorious, beautiful handspun or hand-dyed yarns that I desperately want to buy, and then I realize that 1) I don’t know what to make with it and 2) I’d probably never use it and that would make me sad. So I don’t buy it even though I really, really want to. I’ve been eyeing the Hello Yarn Top-down bonnet as a possible next project, but I already have 4398430 projects on my needles and I should probably finish those before starting another. I tend to get frustrated if I have to concentrate on a pattern, so I can finish straightforward projects pretty quickly but more complicated patterns take me eons because it’s not as mindless. I dream of the day when I will be able to knit a sock. People make socks look so easy.

I promise I’ll post the book/reading entry sometime later this week.

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  • Adastra says:

    Did you ever knit socks? I’m currently knitting my 2 and a half pair – my first sock was a ruin so I didn’t do a second of it, my first pair after that ended up being practise, and now I’m working on my second pair, I’m almost done with the first sock. Annoying part about socks is that you always have to do a second one.
    After that I wanna make handwarmers (gloves without fingers), and maybe a hat, another scarf, maybe even a sweater…

  • Sarah says:

    Ha, someone else who has trouble knitting things other than scarves! One thing I’ve started making is a wallet. Knit a scarf-like thing, double it over and sew up two edges, then put a zipper in the third remaining open edge. I’ve yet to finish it, or any of my knitting for that matter. :(