March 22, 2007 11:17 am

The Owl and the Frog

What have I been up to recently? Well, I found some cheap fabric at a thrift store on Saturday and began creating a stuffed frog. Finished Frog I didn’t have any stuffing though, so he wasn’t finished until Sunday evening. I started out by drawing a vague frog-ish shape on the back some old wrapping paper (which makes decent pattern paper, actually) and folding it in half to cut it so it would be even. I ironed the fabric, pinned the pattern to it (with safety pins and paper clips because I was woefully undersupplied and didn’t have straight pins) and cut the pieces out. I embroidered the eyes on and sewed him together.

Later on Saturday, Daniel and I played frisbee with Tom. True to form, Daniel tweaked his shoulder (not even this throwing arm! The other one!) and my throwing arm was incredibly sore the next couple of days. Note to self: play more frisbee this year.

On Sunday, Daniel and I set off to find a craft store so I could buy stuffing. Due to my ignorance of the bus system and our bad timing leaving the house, we had to wait an hour for our bus to arrive. Turns out we missed our first one by about five minutes, and to make matters worse, this bus route only runs every half-hour on Sundays, and it alternates between one that goes really far and one that ends a block from where we’d be getting on. When we missed our intended bus, we waited a half an hour only to discover that the arriving bus was the short-route one and we’d have to wait another half-hour for the longer-route one. I say, if they don’t go to the same place, DON’T GIVE THEM THE SAME BUS NUMBER. It is confusing and mean.

Crrrrrazy OwlAnyway, as you can probably tell by my Flickr photos, I did end up finding the craft store and I got what I needed (err… wanted). I then spent the next couple of hours designing an owl pattern, cutting it out, sewing it together, forgetting to make the face before I sewed it together, grumbling, sewing the face on afterward, and stuffing it.

Neither animal has a name, but I’m much more fond of the owl right now. The frog was pinchy in places because I made 90° turns for the corners instead of rounding them, and I feel like the owl is cuter anyway. I’m stoked that the owl came out as well as it did, for being self-designed and all.

In other news, JR and Nick getting married! I am so, so unbelievably excited for the both of them. They are wonderful people and are perfect for each other. Congratulations, you two.

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  • Vixx says:

    Oh, they’re really gorgeous! *sob* My little man would go nuts for that frog. :)

    And I think I’ve been very remiss in not telling you sooner that I think that this new layout is lovely – so clean. (Although we all know that I like clean sites :P).

    V xx

  • Frog Guy says:

    This is my first comment over here. I like this blog a lot. You just got one more loyal reader!