January 16, 2007 7:08 am

This Is Me, Being A Dork.

:note: Beck – “High 5 (Rock the Catskills)”

Sometimes I even surprise myself at how revoltingly domestic I am (or would like to be).

I am only somewhat ashamed to admit that I bought a Martha Stewart book with one of my Christmas gift cards. I honestly recommend it – there are some pretentious parts (“My house in the Hamptons…” “…my apartment in New York…” “…my home in Vermont” etc. Not all of us have multiple homes!) but it is a terrifically worthwhile book. It teaches you everything you would ever need to know about taking care of the place in which you live. It’s got how to clean baseboards, how to remodel a kitchen to best maximize the workspace, how to do dishes, everything. It would be a great present for new homeowners or an engagement party or something of that nature.

I just discovered these recipe cards today and I WANT THEM SO BADLY. They have bunnies and squirrels on them and they have a silk-laminated finish (my favorite kind of paper ever!) and are oh-so-cute. I even have a recipe box. They would feel right at home.

I also just discovered these aprons today, via Kerflop. Yes, I already own an apron, but these are so much better. They’re so retro-housewife and there are so many wonderful fabric choices that are all appropriately vintagey.

I knit. I embroider. I just sewed some curtains for our apartment out of a lime-green bedsheet since my mom was nice enough to give me a sewing machine she wasn’t using when I went home over Christmas. I dream of cloth-diapering my eventual children and have considered making my own cloth diapers as well. Cloth diapers can be so freaking cute.

Now, if I could only cook…

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