December 13, 2006 8:20 pm


:note: Weltenbrand – “Manes ad Lapidem

Poor Daniel has come down with some sort of awful stomach bug. He threw up twice at work and had thrown up twice more at home when I talked to him at 6pm or so. I don’t think he’s doing so hot at the moment.

I feel so bad for him. Poor thing. I bought some Saltines and 7UP in case he feels like he can eat, but the Triscuits he had earlier didn’t agree with him so I’m not optimistic. I’m really hoping this is some sort of 24-hour thing and that he’ll be fine by tomorrow or Friday. I’m also really, really hoping I don’t come down with whatever he has – I can’t afford to miss a) my last final tomorrow, b) the portfolio show on Friday, or c) graduation. Ack.

Please send well-wishes his way. I’m sure he’d appreciate them.

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