November 30, 2006 9:21 pm

Video Game Hilarity

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I want a Wii. I am only sort of ashamed to admit that pretty much 98% of why I want a Wii is because of the game Rayman’s Raving Rabbids. Please do me a huge favor and watch some of the videos about the game (with sound ON! Much funnier).

I’d recommend the one from Nov. 16th first, the video review one. I MUST HAVE THIS GAME. Rabbits? Crazy rabbits with plungers? And you fling cows? Plungers and rabbits. What more could you ask for in a game which may be just as awesome as Bitcasino?

Plus, the remote for the Wii is called – get this – a Wiimote. Is that not the most hilarious thing in the world? WIIMOTE. Just say it. The console is worth it for a Wiimote.

I received my business cards in the mail today and they look beautiful. I have about five million of them (well, 500, but since when do I know 500 people?) so I feel compelled to give them to everyone I meet. This is related to the above paragraphs only because my business cards have a rabbit on them. I’m so glad they turned out as well as they did. I’m not the best at setting up things for press, so I had my manager at school-work check out my files before I sent them off to the printer and then again after I received the PDF proofs of them. I will wholeheartedly recommend Cedar House Media for all of your business card needs. The default paper they use is silk laminated, which means that it is soft and smooth and apparently waterproof and almost doesn’t even feel like paper. It is wonderful. I purposely went with that company because they do the silk laminated paper by default. I heart it muchly. I want to hug my business cards, they are that good.

They are also pretty reasonably priced (so I hear. I know nothing of business card printing). I got the full-color, double-sided cards with rounded corners (can you honestly imagine any of my collateral not having rounded corners? No.) so it cost me $85 total for 500 of them, but I do feel like they’re worth it.

Since I am all about awesome segues in this post, today was my last day at school-work, and I’m actually sort of sad about it. I really liked working there – I felt like I did a good job, I was super nice and helpful to customers, even the ones that were mean to me or told me we sucked because our printing was expensive (it’s not) and… well… I basically got paid to surf the Internet for nine hours a week. My job was not particularly stressful. Except when the phone rang.

Since my manager is totally awesome, he is going to give me a sort of “going-away” lunch sometime soon, just kind of to say thanks and goodbye and good luck, and so coworkers can say bye to me since I’ve been there so long. I feel very happy about this. I mean, I’m sad I’m graduating and leaving and not working there anymore, but it’s an incredibly nice gesture. Also, he once sent me a link regarding the 50 Worst Video Game Titles Ever which totally made my day.

Aaaand, I am back to video games again. Daniel found this Tiger Woods golf game at Goodwill for $2 a while ago and has played it non-stop since then. I think it is… well, I find it obnoxious, mostly because Daniel mulligans everything 298473 times on each hole and it takes him 23984792387 hours to finish a game because of it. He’ll re-do the shot even if the golf ball gets a foot away from the hole because “he can do better” and it annoys me to NO END. Gah. (Hi Daniel! I love you! Even if you virtual-golf obnoxiously!)

The best part of the game, however, is a portion of the commentary. One of the commentators starts off his little blurb saying something about the shot being good, and then… Oh god, it is awful. He begins to get louder and says “It’s over the hole…” and continues with the phrase, “IT’S IN THE HOLE!”

Now, this in and of itself does not sound remotely funny, especially since he finishes the sentence by saying “Ohhh, it’s not in the hole” because he says this whole awful bit when you just barely miss. It would not be funny, except his delivery of the line sounds so blocked and stopped up and constipated and strained that you cannot help but dissolve into a fit of giggles after he says it. Seriously. It sounds like he is trying to expel something from every pore in his body. I have no idea how he managed to sound like that. It’s nearly impossible to imitate successfully because it is SO strained sounding. It’s almost worth sitting through the gazillion mulligans to hear him say it.

(I just re-read through this, and sorry about all the parenthesis. I apparently like parenthesis and segues today.)

That said, I’m off to write some sort of paper for my independent study. Why in the world did I ever decide to put that in my syllabus? I also need to work on the assignment for this week. And yes, if anyone would like to know, I am rather behind in two of my four classes. The other two, I am only moderately behind. Small victories, I suppose. But I have a really organized paper system now. :D

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