November 9, 2006 9:02 pm

Bleeding Heart Liberal

:note: Eddie Izzard “Circles” DVD

I’m very happy at the moment about recent political proceedings, hence the poll off to the right there. Already the Democrats want to raise the minimum wage to $7.25 (£3.79)! When I was working in Idaho, they only had to pay you 5.15 per hour. FIVE DOLLARS. For an hour of your hard work. And apparently that’s the current national requirement – so depressing.

Another plus: to find a better direction for Iraq. How long have we been waiting for that?

And Rumsfeld! RUMSFELD RESIGNED! I was in SHOCK when I heard that, and then positively overjoyed. I’ve no idea who the new guy is, but let’s hope for the best, eh?

Oregon defeated the “minors must notify parents before abortion” thingy. Very excited about that. (Please do not think that I am excited about abortions – I am excited about the OPTION for them, should one be in the position to need the option.) We also voted in lovely things like preserving land for parks and things, supporting schools, and supporting the library. I heart my liberal state.

Other things of interest:
Mexico City passes gay union law, and Spain approves gay marriage bill to join the Netherlands and Belgium in allowing same-sex marriage. Hurrah! Equal rights for everyone!

Speaking of equal rights, some asshole company in Houston, Texas refused to do landscaping for a gay couple simply because they were gay, saying the company “choose[s] not to work for homosexuals.” How f’ed up is that? They were basically exercising their right to choose their clientele, but how is that not completely discriminatory? It makes me so upset that people think it’s okay to do that. I don’t agree with the threats (death, sodomy, etc.) being made against the family who owns the company, but I do think they are assholes and deserved to be called out on their discriminatory actions.

Oh, and Britney ditched Kevin.

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  • Claire says:

    They want to raise minimum wage to to £3.79 over there? What age is that for?

    You poor lambs must be working for peanuts! :shock:

    Over here (UK), the minimum wage is currently:
    £5.35 per hour for workers aged 22 years and older
    £4.45 per hour for workers aged 18 – 21 years inclusive
    £3.30 per hour which applies to all workers under the age of 18 who are no longer of compulsory school age (16).


    (taken from HM Revenue and Customs.)

    And yay for the gay marriage malarky, too (I’m soooo glad all that has been dealt with over here) – I’m really looking forward to when K and I are “Civil Partners”, I know that sounds crap, but it’s not allowed to be tachnically called “Marriage” here :S *rolls eyes*

  • Claire says:

    ack, I can’t proof-read to save my life! – Someone get a spell-check over here!! :faint:

  • Julianne says:

    I’m rather elated about the outcomes too. :)

    Speaking (typing?) of Rumsfeld, Time is reporting that Germany will prosecute him, Gonzales and other high-ups for their roles in prisoner abuse at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib…

  • Meggan says:

    @Claire – The minimum wage here doesn’t have age requirements – it’s that amount across the board. And yes, I do think it is akin to working for peanuts. So glad someone’s talking about changing it. I think as it is right now, it’s approx. £2.70 (I looked up the conversions online so they may not be totally accurate, but that’s what Google told me.)

    @Julianne – Wow! I hadn’t even heard about that. That’s insane. In a good way, of course – I’m glad someone is finally being held accountable for things.

  • I’m so glad about so much of what happened Tuesday (Dems taking House and Senate makes me breathe a little easier), but why is it that the voters in this country are still so frightened of same-sex civil unions? Can’t we find something scarier than fags to villify? Sheesh! Not to mention the states that gave the voters the chance to decriminalize possession of an ounce or less of weed, and the voters turned it down? Wow, yeah, good use of our law enforcement and prison space. I think we can thank Ron and Nancy Reagan for that continued mindset…

    Don’t get me wrong – I’ll take the little victories, but I still shake my head about the backwardness of some of our laws here.