November 4, 2006 8:55 pm

Katatonia/Moonspell Follow-Up

:note: Me First and the Gimme Gimmes – “Jolene”

The show last night was a lot of fun. The venue was quite a bit smaller than I had expected, but it made it kind of cozy and not at all like crazy metal shows where people windmill around in a pit and punch everyone in the head. Everyone seemed respectful.

The opening band Agalloch is apparently from here in Portland, and they weren’t anywhere as bad as I expected them to be. Their songs were pretty long and mostly instrumental, and I’d consider getting a CD if I found it for cheap-ish.

The singer for Daylight Dies had hair down to the top of his butt, and he was probably a few inches taller than Daniel so his hair was insanely long. I’d never heard their stuff before and I liked what I heard last night.

Katatonia was GREAT. You know how sometimes bands take liberties with their “classic” songs when they play them live, and try to spice them up a bit by changing the rhythm or harmonies and then you get disappointed because it doesn’t sound like the song you know and love? They did NONE of that. The singer hit everything dead on and it was so refreshing. Also, he sort of looked like Wormtongue when his face was visible. I liked their set a lot.

We only stayed for about three of Moonspell’s songs. I think we were both just tired and wanted to head home. Plus, this was the third time we’d seen Moonspell so it wasn’t crucial that we stay for all of it. Katatonia was definitely worth it though, and they played some of my favorite songs of theirs which is always nice.

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  • Bex says:

    You lucky beast. No fair :dep: I’d love to see Katatonia and Moonspell. I’ll try and find some stuff by the other bands you mentioned too. If I don’t like them though….[something] :grin: