November 1, 2006 11:07 pm

Commence The Freaking Out

:note: Type O Negative – “Everyone I Love Is Dead”

Thanks for all the well-wishes, everybody! I appreciate every single one. I’m alternately excited and terrified, and I keep having small panicky thoughts like, “I know absolutely nothing and I’m going to go to work and embarrass myself and my school and everyone will hate me” but I’m pretty sure they’re unfounded. I hope. I think I’ll be fine. I start Monday.

I had a dream about spiders the other night. I’m afraid of spiders normally, and I can’t remember what the dream was about now, but I looked up the meaning of spider dreams and was actually pleasantly surprised (creativity, etc.). I really love dream interpretations. They’re like horoscopes – you know you shouldn’t put too much stock in them, but they are SO ON sometimes you can’t help it.

I feel like for the next few weeks, I’m going to have to meticulously plan out all the times I’m going to be doing particular activities. For instance, I’ll be working 29 hours a week, I’ll be in class for 12 hours (plus time spent on the independent study) a week, I walk everywhere so travel time must be included, I need time for homework, I need time for Daniel, and I need a bit of time to myself to play on the computer or knit or something to wind down. I have no idea how to fit that all in. I need a daily planner or something. I tried it once and could never remember to write everything down in it, but maybe it’ll work now? Gah.

Again, thank you. :cheer:

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  • sharon says:

    An idea . . . make the ‘big picture plan’, but also just plan for ‘today’. Make it reasonable. Better to have success (checked off ‘did that’) at the end of the day than to set yourself up for failure. Oh, and it’s really kind of fun to actually look at the end of the day and add something you did and cross if off. (somedays are more productive than others) A day planner is good, but a small spiral is just as good. There is gratification at looking what you’ve check off daily/weekly. If you start checking off the ‘play time’, well, I’d think you’re taking the list too seriously. Now this is from someone who needs to make a list, but I just love finding one day where there’s no list and no thinking. Okay, thinking only of the new project that has nothing to do with work. Congrats again.

  • Yolanda says:

    Sorry to be late but Congratulations!!! You can most certainly handle this job- its not about knowing everything but having the ability to find out whatever you need to solve the task at hand. You are going to do great- enjoy your new career :)