October 23, 2006 12:33 pm

Yet Another Knitting Accident

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I know. I KNOW! The fun never ends. I posted some photos recently of a mitten I knitted that came out beautifully, after I fixed my initial mistakes. Yesterday I set out to make another, so I could have a pair of mittens. I ended up with this:


Yes, two mittens of drastically different size. It may not seem obvious in the photo, but I promise you the one on the left is a different size altogether. I can get my hand in it, but if I straighten my fingers all the way they try to poke out the top of the mitten, and the ribbing on the wrist is notably shorter.

I sort of made a mental note at some point during the mitten thinking, “Man, I seem to be knitting a bit tighter than usual” but it didn’t occur to me at the time that what I was thinking could mean I’d end up with two differently sized mittens. I just thought I was knitting tighter.

My only real course of action at this point is to knit a third mitten, hope it comes out the same size as one of the other two, and if it comes out the same size as the smaller one I’ll give them away.

I think knitting really is an exercise in humility.

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  • Bex says:

    Ahaha, that’s ace :good: I’ve completely forgotten how to knit, but I never really knew much in the first place. I got about halfway through a scarf (a /stripey/ scarf though!), then forgot about it. Now you’ve put me in the mood for trying knitting again, and I can’t remember what to do! ‘lol’