October 14, 2006 6:19 pm

Time Management? What?

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I’ve been doing a bit of research into time management, as it’s one of the areas in which I feel I lack. So far, lots of websites have suggested designating a specific study area or work area in which there are minimal distractions. Find a place with good lighting and low noise. Work during your personal best working time (if you’re a morning person, work in the morning – don’t fight your circadian rhythm.) If you’re in a computer room, turn off the computer.

Most of these suggestions are perfectly reasonable. I understand them, and they make sense. But what about those of us who require a computer to do their studying/homework/work? Let’s say I’m currently in a design class. I have to do designs. Most of these begin (or should begin) as sketches with a pen or pencil and paper, but at some point, they really do need to move onto the computer in the form of mockups. This is impossible if the computer is off, but also difficult if the computer is on and you’re like me and you open Photoshop only to have it take a while to load, so you start reading a blog, and then you discover a new one that’s witty or insightful or has the cutest bunnies ever and you forget why you opened Photoshop in the first place because, OMG THE BUNNIES. And then you open up your WordPress “Write Post” page because you have to tell Teh Internets about THE BUNNIES. And then you remember that you have to pay the electric bill, so you do that online, but then you think, “Gee, I hope I have enough money to cover that and some groceries” so you check your online banking, and thank god, you do, and… what? Photoshop?

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