October 8, 2006 1:19 pm


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So much has gone on this week, both in the real world and in my head, that I’m going to do sub-headings to sort it all out.

Week 01

I’m feeling optimistic about this term. I’m still apprehensive about graduation (and finding a job, etc.) but I think this term will be do-able. Definitely challenging, but do-able. I don’t feel overwhelmed yet, which is a good sign.


Daniel’s sister Heidi got here Thursday night with her friend Kaylee. We hung out all weekend and did some shopping even though none of us have much money right now, and generally had fun. I found some nice Adidas workout pants for $5 and a *whispers* pink corduroy jacket that looks nice with jeans.

We had blueberry pancakes for breakfast yesterday at 7:30am – we purposely got up that early just to walk the 15 minutes to the restaurant to have those pancakes, and it was totally worth it. We had previously agreed to go to Voodoo Doughnut sometime this weekend, but everyone putzed out last night and we didn’t go, so that was sort of sad. We watched Arrested Development (season 02) instead.


I recently made a goal for myself regarding exercise, and, um, I haven’t been doing that well. I’ve been walking more than usual (around the Hoyt Arboretum for instance) but I haven’t been sticking to my goals. Here’s hoping I get better at it.

I desperately feel like going running today, but I’m scared. I’ve never purposely went out to jog/run before. I’m one of those people that extensively researches things before she tries them, in case anything unusual (or usual, for that matter) happens, so that if it does, I WILL KNOW WHAT TO DO. Except there’s some things you just can’t research, like, do you start running as soon as you exit your building, or do you wait for the sidewalk? How do you carry an iPod, cell phone, keys, and ID all at once? Do I even need any of that stuff?


I’m still trying to come up with an idea for a Halloween patch for this month’s activity. I am woefully uninspired. I pixeled a drunken ghost on accident and didn’t feel it was 1) appropriate, or 2) good enough to submit, so here I remain. I’ve also created and deleted two frogs, a bat-related mess, and a purple thing. Just not going well. Also, I have only found three treats total, and am feeling rather lame about it – some people are up to the mid-twenties. I scoured a few sites and when I turned up with nearly nothing, I got discouraged. Hints aren’t helping much either. :( Feeling very lame about that fact.


I’m not enthused about laundry costing money. Who has that many quarters? I end up doing laundry maybe twice a month because quarters tend to be scarce around here. It gets to the point where I’m wearing clothes that I’ve buried in the bottom of my dresser because I hate them just because I haven’t done laundry recently. And what about the times where you have a delicate shirt, maybe a bra (yes, I am bad and I machine wash my bras. I air dry them, though) and some workout pants to wash, and you don’t want to wash them with your jeans but you’ve only got money for one load of laundry? First major purchase when I get a house will be a washer and dryer.


Seriously, what is up with the Republicans lately? Now there’s this old, creepy senator guy who had inappropriate contact with pages that several people apparently knew about (or at least knew he had history of doing these things) and DID NOTHING. I’m sort of curious how far things will go before more people realize we need a regime change – I read an article by Keith Olbermann the other day that really resonated with me. I recommend it.

I was also researching potential 2008 presidential candidates, and found that several people were saying that a critical issue would be the candidate’s position on the Iraq war (duh). However, they were saying that the ones who are better off right now are the ones that opposed the war in the first place. It’s the people that initially voted for the war that will have the hardest time overcoming that “blemish” on their record. What they’re saying is that if you knew the Iraq war was a stupid idea in the first place, you are “four years ahead of the game.” VINDICATED. Finally, people who spoke out against the war to begin with are being seen as the wise ones. I feel like saying “I told you so.

Bob Woodward has an article on MSNBC called “How Bush Deceived Public On Iraq” that is one of the most insightful things I’ve read in a long time. It’s a long article, but man is it worth it. I think we, as a country, are in a bad place right now. We need to get out of this bad place, and I don’t think the current administration is the one to do it. Woodward explains some reasons why, and he does it eloquently and respectfully.

Teachers With Guns

There’s a lawmaker currently proposing that the solution to school shootings is to arm the teachers. *smacks head* Sure, put more guns in the mix, that’ll help. :!: They would have a permit that would enable them to carry concealed weapons, much the same way police do. The guy (a Republican) cites Israel and Thailand as great examples of having armed teachers. :bored: Don’t you think that maybe arming the teachers shouldn’t be our concern, and that we should focus more on providing students with the healthy outlets they need to work through problems that might otherwise have turned into a bad situation? I do. Cecily recently posted about guns, and I’m in full agreement. Even if you are a gun collector, I believe you can live with buying “only” one gun a month if it will help save innocent children. I could live with buying yarn or knitting needles or a web standards book only once a month if I knew it would save the lives of children. Though, none of these things are generally regarded as a violent weapon, so there we are.


I really want to do something fun for Halloween this year. I want to dress up and go somewhere, and I figure now that I’m 21 I’ll be able to actually get into some of the places holding Halloween parties this year. My current top picks for costumes are a bumblebee, a viking, or the perennial favorite, Hermione.


My knitting is coming along okay. I’ve made some headway on my ear-flap hat, though I still can’t tell if it’s going to be revoltingly large or not. It’s my guinea pig hat, basically. If I screw it up I’m okay with that, and I’ll just try it again. That’s really the only project I’m actively working on at the moment – that, and the embroidery, which is also coming along okay. I think if I really wanted to I could finish it in an evening, but I keep getting sidetracked with other stuff. Namely school and guests, but I think that’s fine. It will get done.

I’m actually doing a how-to project for school on knitting. I’ll let you know how it goes. :)

In Sum

That’s what I’ve been up to. I have a feeling that these unexpected breaks in posting will continue throughout the next couple of months, pending how much stuff I have going on with school, but I will try to not let things slide too far. I’d love to put up a new layout soon; I doubt it’ll happen since I have so many other designs to work on, but it would be lovely.

Happy birthday to Elea, who turned 20 on the 3rd. I hope everyone’s week went well. :D

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  • Wow you have a lot going on lady.

    Your going to be my puppy for halloween? How freaking cute is that? heh.. Ok fine, I know, I’ve made that joke before. But Im on cold medication, its the best I got.

    smooches to you lady