October 2, 2006 8:02 pm


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It’s no secret that I didn’t get along with my brothers growing up. They’re 3 and 6 years younger than me, and I used to go through phases where I’d ally with one of them to beat up on the other, and then the alliance would switch and the enemy would be the new ally and we’d beat up on the other guy. Carson (the older one) was usually the brunt of the violence, as I think I felt the most put out by his arrival when I was three. He’s the one I almost killed as a newborn because I was sick of his constant crying and muffled it with heavy pillows. Yeah.

Carson just started college in August, and there have been several fiascos involving his roommate and various just-started-college things.

He just posted a rant about some of these issues, and I am intensely proud of him for doing so. It takes balls to stand up to your friends when you know they’re doing something stupid, and it seems like he’s taking a lot of flak for not being a pushover.

I’m sure I’m embarrassing him horribly by talking about this, but seriously? I really am super proud of him. A lot of people he knows are being douchebags, giving him crap for not being an idiot and passing out in his own vomit in someone else’s apartment. Giving him crap for respecting his girlfriend and her wishes and wanting to hang out with her. I never thought this would happen to me, but I am really, really mad that people are trying to make him feel bad for standing up for what he knows is right. He’s not an idiot. I told him he was so many times growing up, but it isn’t true. He’s not an idiot. It’s so weird for me to be defending him, feeling like I should defend him. Yes, he’s my brother, but we never got along until I was almost done with high school and just gave up being an asshole to him.

In sum, Carson, keep it up.

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