September 1, 2006 4:57 pm

We Have A New Refrigerator!

:note: old Symphonic Band stuff from high school

This morning was eventful, to say the least.

Daniel had an interview at noon, so he left a bit before then and I was just on my computer doing nothing. A while later, I get a call from him saying “A refrigerator guy is going to come by within the hour with a new fridge.” I hadn’t showered, I wasn’t even dressed, he just got the call himself and hurried to tell me before his interview started.

I went to the kitchen and decided to take all the magnets off the fridge. That took a while, and the thought occurred to me to take the stuff off the top of the fridge, but I decided to get dressed instead. And then I thought, “My hair looks really gross. I should at least wash my bangs.” but I thought no, as soon as I do that the guy will show up. So I sat at the computer for a minute and then realized Daniel said “within the hour” and thought, I totally have time. I ran into the bathroom, grabbed some shampoo and wet my bangs and began washing. No sooner than I got my hair all soapy, my phone rang.

The guy was right outside the door.

I told him I’d be out in a minute and quick rinsed my hair and went out to open the door for him whilst looking like a drowned rat.

He came in and there was this whole complicated mess of the refrigerators not fitting through the kitchen door without taking the doors off and I didn’t have time to empty the old one before he came by and ugh. I was throwing food everywhere and stacking it around the kitchen and generally making a huge mess. He replaced our fridge (the new one is actually new – shiny and white) and then Daniel came home.

His interview went really well. The owners seemed really cool, they got along well, had the same ideals, etc. Promising! Yay!

We spent a while putting everything into the new fridge and admiring its shiny, white beauty. Then we had pancakes. I’m currently trying to catch up on all my homework I’ve been neglecting this term, because somehow it all seems to be due this coming week.

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