August 30, 2006 11:43 pm

Food Library

:note: Nothingface – “Can’t Wait For Violence”

I’m slowly but surely catching up on my homework. I’m still a bit behind, but I feel like I can get it done. I am SO GLAD I will have this Monday off so I can work on stuff. I’m currently trying to design my portfolio site. :o It’s… going.

Daniel showed me this TV show called Metalocalypse on Adult Swim and it cracked me up. I can’t stand William Murderface and Nathan Explosion looks like Peter Steele with a different nose. The name “Pickles the Drummer” cracks me up, as does the part in the first episode where they visit a grocery store called “Fintrolls” (bonus points to anyone who catches that reference) and they declare it a “food library,” except it sounds like “fuuuuud lah-braaahry.” Hee!

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  • Melissa says:

    I love Finntroll!

    That show sounds hilarious. I might have to look online for some episodes since such great things don’t exist in Germany!