August 23, 2006 11:13 pm

The Mysterious Bruise

:note: Eddie Izzard DVD

I’ve managed to get a rather nasty bruise on the top of my left hand. The funny part? I have no idea how it happened. I was washing my hands in the bathroom after work today and as I was washing I was thinking, “Wash wash wash, scrub scrub scru– OH MY GOD MY HAND” and that is the first I discovered it. The bruise is barely visible to the naked eye and only appears as a small, pinkish splotch about the size of a pencil eraser, but it hurts to touch the SKIN above it. I expect bruises to hurt when you poke them, but brushing over the skin? Not so much. But this one hurts. A lot.

You’d think with an injury that renders skin over a bruise painful, one might remember it happening. Ah, nope. No idea. I’ve been trying to think all day about how it could have happened, but I don’t remember hitting my hand on anything or punching anyone or anything like that. It remains unexplained. Unexplained and painful. Ow.

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  • Nicole says:

    haha, that type of injury is the story of my life. Hopefully it goes away soon :)

  • Jamie says:

    Wow..don’t you hate that when something happens and you don’t remember it? It hasn’t happened to me often but when it does, you’re like “How did that get there?”