August 21, 2006 11:57 pm

Today Is A Good Day

:note: Type O Negative – “Be My Druidess”

Right now, I feel good.

I got a fabulous book in the mail today (not school related) that I described to Daniel as an instructional on How to Not Be A Psycho Hose Beast. I don’t want to link it here because I think it makes me seem rather like a Psycho Hose Beast that I even bought it, but I LOVE IT and I feel so much better after reading it. So, yay!

We went to a craft store again today and I bought some yarn (I AM BAD, I KNOW) to make hats! A kitty hat and a square-ish weird hat. This is the best example I can come up with, but um, should it be a sign that the only patterns I can find for this sort of hat are for babies or toddlers? Also, if anyone is good at knitting math (ie, how many stitches should I cast on to make this hat if the recommended gauge for my yarn is 10 st to 4″ and my head circumference is (I think) 23″? It is a word problem!) PLEASE feel free to contact me and let me know how to make this hat. In my infinite wisdom I am assuming you just knit a rectangle and then sew up the sides, but I must know the dimensions of the rectangle because I am anal and I NEED patterns. I can’t do anything without a pattern yet. Also, I am bad at math. Help.

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  • sharon says:

    boy-oh-boy!!!! one – you don’t need to know the dimensions of the rectangle – only that you knit the same amount of rows on the other half, so when sewing up the sides it matches.

    Two – the best thing to do for the kind of yarn you want to use for any project – is knit a swatch. yes, it takes a little bit of time, but you know exactly your knitting stitches for the project and you can take out the swatch if you are running out of yarm. The math for your above problem . . . 2.5 stitches per inch (23″ x 2.5 = 57.5, so 58 sts). . . that’s pretty big stitches . . . what size are the needles? what size is the yarn?

    When I can concentrate on patterning . . . in my off season of basketry, I want to try this pair of socks . . .

    I’m most frightened of having to follow the pattern!!! That’s why I stick to things that I figure out my gauge (swatching) and know enough basics to do my thing.

    Let me know if you started!!! What fun hats. You’re going to need a hat stand to display your finished projects.