August 20, 2006 9:16 pm

Dreading Tomorrow

:note: Ben Folds Five – “Fair”

I accidentally-on-purpose avoided homework all day. I fear I am doomed. The paper that is due tomorrow was initially due last Monday and I didn’t have it done then either. :blush: I have no excuse. I am a procrastinator. It is because I know the paper will not turn out well and I can’t bring myself to work on it because of that. I should probably envision it coming out just fine and then it will get done, but I know absolutely nothing about which I should be writing. :| It is very lame. (Note to self: I need to remember to register tomorrow. I have to keep saying it or I know I will forget.)

Can I just not go to school and knit all day instead? That is what I would like to do. :o

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  • Claire says:

    I can completely sympathise – I’m an award-winning procrastinator (or alteast I should be!) and have almost totally avoided my assessment today :( (been making voice-posts instead!)

    P.S. don’t forget to register ;)

  • Brigitte says:

    Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I added your patch. I haven’t been to the site in a while, I looove the layout, especially the squirrel!