August 10, 2006 11:57 pm

Dear Reader

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Tonight was movie night with Paul (Callie was out of town visiting her parents) and we watched the first Harry Potter movie. Except it wasn’t really the first HP movie – it was, but it had this running commentary over the video the entire way through, much like Mystery Science Theater 3000, but by one guy with a hilariously weird voice (similar to Gilbert Gottfried but less obnoxious) who re-told the story in his own words. It was beyond awesome and I laughed throughout the entire thing.

He calls Hermione “the wretched Harmony,” Professor McGonagall is “Hardcastle McCormick,” Filch is “Dazzler” and Ron starts out as “Ron Weasel” and somehow morphs into “Ronnie the bear.” It is so wonderfully bizarre. It’s one of those weird things you find on the Internet that seems intriguing so you download it and then it ends up being the best thing ever.

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