August 9, 2006 7:23 pm

Moving So Fast

:note: The B-52’s – “Girl From Ipanema Goes To Greenland”

I can’t believe it’s already August ninth. That is insane. Conceptually, I understand that I’ve been in school since mid-July and that was five weeks ago and therefore it would be reasonable for it to be August 9th, but it is SO WEIRD. Every term here seems to move faster than the last – I could have sworn it was just January, or that it was just a few terms ago that so-and-so graduated (when really, it’s been a year and a half or something).

The first term I was at school, it dragged on FOREVER. I honestly thought it would never end. I started the very beginning of October and that term went until mid-December, and I think those three months were the three longest months of my life. It also didn’t help that I moved here first and Daniel didn’t move here until over a month later, but it still dragged on.

I wasn’t even really that homesick; I teared up when my parents left me in my new apartment with my roommate that I didn’t know (hi Callie!), but I never full-on cried about them leaving. I didn’t go home until Christmas, and then didn’t go home again until June and I was fine with that. Lately, the terms have been like, “Weekone weekstwothreefourfive omg6789 FINALS” and I want to go home every weekend. I miss my house, I miss my family, my friends, my town. It’s odd to me that I’ve gotten more and more homesick as time has gone on. Does this happen to anybody else? In the beginning I was perfectly fine with only going home once in nine months and now I’m sad that it’s only every three months or less.

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