July 25, 2006 7:46 pm

This Reads Like The Start Of Four Different Posts.

:note: Avantasia – “Serpents In Paradise”

Tonight’s adventures: homework and bowling. I am almost sure that the latter is a poor idea, what with the insane amount of the former, but I am allowed to make some bad decisions in my life.

The heat wave has finally broken, and I daresay it was almost comfortable outside today. Highs in the mere high 80’s.

I recently purchased a whiteboard/corkboard board combination thingy to hang on the wall to remind me of pending assignments and other crucial things. What I failed to do was plan where I was going to put the thing, because there is really nowhere to put it that is simultaneously close to my computer and yet not totally in the way or in a position that renders it completely unable to be used. It’s sitting on the floor in front of my desk at the moment with nothing on it. Fat lot of good that does me. :|

Upon returning home from class today, I saw an unfamiliar person in our laundry area who approached me and said, “This is a really weird request, but um, I’m on my way to a speech class, and I’m supposed to have two people who listened to my speech initial my paper – do you think you could initial it for me?” I laughed and told him I would, and then told him my boyfriend was home if he wanted his initials as well. Cracked me up. I’m just glad to have helped someone.

[edit: 11pm] Did horribly on bowling – 72 and then 92. The second game I got two strikes in the 10th frame, but that was about the only cool thing that happened. [/edit]

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