July 21, 2006 10:14 pm

Ohhh, So It’s A Girl House.

:note: Moulin Rouge – “All You Need Is Love”

Tonight we went to see Monster House. I totally, totally recommend it. Even if you are the sort of person like our friend Ryan who says he doesn’t like animated movies. He missed out.

It’s funny, it’s touching, and it’s terrifyingly scary. In a good way. It’s only rated PG, but some people brought their four-year-olds and I think they’re going to have nightmares.

After the movie was over, we stuck around to watch the credits to see if there was anything extra. I noticed some people standing near the doorway, but I just figured it was the cleaner-upper people waiting for us to leave. Turns out, it was an important-looking man with FREE PASSES because the theater was sort of hot. Um, sure! So we went to a fabulous movie and got no-restrictions passes to any other movie because “the temperature may have affected our viewing experience” or some B.S. Wooo!

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  • OOO I want to go see that movie. You know I love cartoons, and haunted house cartoons, ROCK!!!! Free passes rock even more though, good job boobie master.