July 19, 2006 7:14 pm

A Blip On The Radar

:note: Killing Joke – “Love of the Masses”

For a class tomorrow I am supposed to write a one page description of who I am as a creative professional and as a person. :o It has to demonstrate what makes me unique and what makes me stand out as a professional. Then I have to write a few paragraphs describing the one or two characteristics I would want to portray about myself to potential employers/clients. I am at an utter, total, and complete loss. I have no idea what to say. Every time I try to write something, I second guess myself and say “well, that doesn’t make me unique” and I end up with nothing.

A birthday present for me showed up today – my parents didn’t really get me a gift for my birthday last month, so I sent my mom a clothes wishlist and asked if that could be my present. And she bought everything off of it! :grin: I now have some jeans that make me look fabulous, a new tank top (which I never usually wear because I can’t find ones that look decent), a t-shirt, some undies, a pair of white cargo pants (Mom just threw those in for fun, I didn’t ask for them), a pair of cargo shorts (long ones!) and a hoodie. I AM SO LUCKY. I’ve been wanting some nice clothes for a while and this totally made my day.

Any advice for my paper?

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  • Paul says:

    Unique… hmm… well…

    1. You’re short
    2. Your taste in music is non-sequitur.
    3. Your choices in design are very appropriate and represent an incredibly contemporay design aesthetic.
    4. You’re introverted and very methodical.
    5. Introversion and methodical thinking are two powerful attributes for one to self-evaluate ones designs and ideas.

    These are all compliments I assure you.

  • Did you mention your ginourmous knockers?