July 17, 2006 9:38 pm

What A Day, What A Day

:note: Rasputina – “The Olde Headboard”

Last night:

Drink a Mike’s Hard Lemonade for the first time, as Daniel brought one home for me to help me through my schoolwork. Also brought Reese’s PB Cups and peanut M&Ms. Love Daniel. Work on paper for class. Feel loopy. Get called a lightweight by Mr. He-Who-Does-Not-Drink. Fall asleep without finishing paper.


Wake up well before alarm is to go off. Decide not to get up. Sleep a bit more, get up, get ready for class. Work on paper. Realize I have to leave in fifteen minutes. Really work on paper. Run around apartment gathering things for class. Send paper to wrong printer, delaying printing. Freak out. Fix printing issue, gather things, go to class.

Class is scary. Richard (friend from school) gets totally torn apart after speaking up. Vow never to speak up in this class. Ever. Talk to Richard on the way home about freelancing. Worry that I have jumped out of the frying pan into the fire by switching into this class.

Get home, play on Internet. Feel like crying. Keep getting bitten by fleas despite not having pets. Itchy. ITCHYITCHYITCHY! Vacuum. Decide apartment is depressing and flea infested and WHY ARE THERE FLEAS? Itch some more. Ponder whether spider bite (?) on leg will kill me. Get bit AGAIN. Freak out. Find baking soda and make a paste with a bit of milk and apply to itchy areas (ie, all of legs and feet). Set out to do homework but become thwarted by THE ITCHING OH GOD THE ITCHING. Realize Claritin has already been ingested earlier today and feel sad that it is probably unwise to ingest another nor to take any Benadryl either. Wonder how much damage it would really do me.

Lament the fact that Daniel’s schedule is such that he won’t make it home until after 10pm tonight. Stupid work.

Fully expect the sky to begin raining frogs or the Willamette to turn to blood any day now.

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