June 29, 2006 1:16 pm

Summer Break Update

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Hello, all! I currently have a bit of downtime and I am attempting to catch up on all things website related. I’ve responded to a few Qbee requests, a few emails, and various assorted admin things like deleting my moderated comments and whatnot. Speaking of admin-things, I am more than aware that my sidebar is out of date age-wise, but I have to figure out a system to update my site here (I’ve got Notepad, I suppose. Now I just have to figure out how to use Windows to FTP and I’m all set. I will be checking Tutorialtastic momentarily, don’t you worry.) and it’ll be fixed.

Daniel left on the train last night. :( The train was a whopping four hours late, so he didn’t even get on the train until about 4:30am instead of 11:50pm the night before. I ended up not even staying in town, because by the time we got back to his mom’s house it was already 5am and I knew if I fell asleep I wouldn’t be able to make it home by 11am like my mom wanted. Soooo, not a lot of sleep last night. His break went by SO FAST. I couldn’t believe it was already time for him to go home.

Daniel and I helped my mom put up some tile things for a backsplash in her kitchen yesterday. We used this squishy glue stuff and painted it on the wall, scraped some off, pressed the tiles in, and let them dry. I have to say, it looks pretty neat. We still have to do another wall today and then grout the whole thing, but it’s coming along nicely.

I have heard of so many engagements/weddings in the last few days. A girl I grew up with is getting married soon, my parents just received a wedding announcement from a guy my age (family friends and whatnot), a girl I went to high school with just had an engagement announcement in the newspaper, my cousin Jennifer just got proposed to, and my friend Yaicha just got engaged as well, to Scott, her boyfriend of 5 and almost-a-half years! Congratulations, guys!

I’ve been knitting that pig I posted about a while ago. Daniel’s mom bought me a knitting reference book and then gave me a hand-dyed bag to put my knitting in so I’ve been toting that around. I’m about half done with one side of the pig. I want to try mittens next, I think.

The illustrious Claire from claire.nu has tagged me! My tag thingy is under the “read more” link.

5 things in my refrigerator:

1. Oregon Chai
2. Ketchup
3. Milk
4. Tofu (I live with a vegetarian, what can I say?)
5. Jam

5 things in my closet:

1. Suitcase
2. Clothes on hangers
3. Clothes I don’t wear anymore stuffed into containers
4. Photos
5. Blankets

5 things in my purse:

1. Samsung mobile phone
2. Sunscreen
3. Sunglasses (I am on summer vacation, you know.)
4. Wallet and frog-shaped coin purse
5. USB flash drive

5 things in my car:

1. I am lame and do not have a car :|
2. I left it when I moved out and my brother uses it now.
3. It still has the car stereo that Daniel bought my for my birthday one year
4. Probably still has two cans of soup in the trunk for no good reason
5. For a while, it had a stuffed Spongebob figurine in the back window.

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