June 23, 2006 2:28 pm

DMV, You Make My Life Difficult

:note: Killswitch Engage – “Holy Diver”

As I have just turned 21, my driver’s license was to expire in a few days and I needed to get it renewed and finally get an Oregon license instead of an Idaho one. I made a plan to go to the DMV semi-early, about 10am, to beat the afternoon rush.

We left the house in a hurry and while waiting for the bus I remembered that I had forgotten to eat breakfast. This is the only time I’ve forgotten about breakfast in months, and we all know how grouchy I get when I don’t eat. We just missed the first bus in that direction, so the wait was more like 10-15 minutes rather than 2-3.

We finally make it to the DMV and get our ticket. I’m #64 and they’re currently on #52. We wait. And wait. And wait. And finally my number is called and I go up to the counter only to have the lady tell me that I don’t have the right number of the right kinds of ID and they can’t do anything for me.

My bus ticket is still valid, so Daniel and I hurry back home to grab the right pieces of ID. He makes me stop at an ATM to get some cash – the DMV takes only cash or checks, and we didn’t really want to chance them not accepting out of state checks. I get home and grab every piece of identification I can find, including my birth certificate, social security card, voter registration card, current driver’s license, and two pieces of mail with my current address. I am NOT going to get sent home again.

Finally make it back to the DMV, where there are now approximately 532789 people waiting in line and I end up with #20 and they’re currently serving #1. More waiting.

They finally call my number and then make me fill out a form that I could have had ready by the time I got up there if anybody would have told me that I wouldn’t actually be “renewing” my license since it’s out of state, I’d be applying for a new license. Stupid stupid stupid.

I eventually get to take the test on a touch-screen computer. I only miss one question (“You have been convicted of a DUI. How long will your license be suspended?” Fuck if I know, I’m not planning on being convicted of a DUI, you stupid test.) and end up with a 97% because of it. They give me a vision test and take my picture (not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be) and give me my new license.

I agree to go with Daniel to Stumptown Coffee, his favorite place ever. He gets some silly drink I don’t understand because I am not a coffee person, and I get an iced Chai. I LOVE CHAI. We are right by Voodoo Doughnut and Daniel remembers they have changed their hours so they should be open this very minute. He was right, and he gets a vegan one with some sort of Butterfinger-y crumbly stuff on it and I get a powdered raspberry filled one and subsequently become covered in powdered sugar.

We return Chronicles of Narnia to the movie rental place and run by the grocery store to get snacks for the train. Finally make it home at 2:00pm – we were dealing with the DMV for a total of three hours. THREE HOURS.

I now have an Oregon license that doesn’t expire until 2014, which not only sounds terrifically futuristic but I will be 29 then and OHMYGOD I WILL BE TWENTY-NINE WHEN MY LICENSE EXPIRES.

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  • Lita says:

    Wow, I didn’t know they let you have a license for that long without having to renew. Is that just an Oregon thing? I thought it was 4 years here in Michigan.. Hm. I guess living in a small town is good for something, like not many people being at the DMV.

  • Hi there you old lady you.


  • Sanna says:

    Hello! How are you anyway?

  • otto says:

    Hi! I just requested a qbee trade with you! :D You have a really classy looking site ^^

    and gah :P I know exactly what thats like. The dmv can be SO stupid. I’ve had to wait almost 2 hours in line to renew my licence before. Just evil.