June 21, 2006 10:16 am

21 On 21

:note: Type O Negative – “Pyretta Blaze”

I’ve decided to post about my day today in semi-real time (a la Blurbomat). Here we go!

9:23am: Wake up. Stumble out of bed and play on the computer for a bit. Thank you all for your lovely birthday wishes!

9:54am: Have breakfast: Life cereal with plain soymilk. Daniel insisted on getting the plain kind the last time we were shopping and then compromised and let me get a vanilla one too, but the plain got opened first so I’m stuck with it. I just think it tastes too much like beans – at least the vanilla tries to taste good.

10:13am: Brother Paul and his girlfriend Caitlin call to sing happy birthday at me. Thanks, guys!

10:25am: Contemplate dream I had last night involving a train. I was late and going to miss it, so I yelled at people to hold the train for me while I ran back to my hotel room to grab my stuff. I started out going down instead of up on an escalator, and finally made it to my room on the fourth floor and back on the train.

10:36am: Put laundry in washing machine and begin doing dishes that accumulated since last night. Seriously, how does this happen? I hate dishes. Receive email from my friend Richard wishing me a happy birthday. His birthday was yesterday!

11:40am: Take shower. Yay for cleanliness!

12:15pm: Wonder what to do for the next five hours. Decide to shop online. Probably won’t buy anything.

1:00pm: Heidi calls, I eat lunch (freezer lasagne!).

2:07pm: Have no idea where the last hour went. Retrieved laundry from dryer at some point and gave up shopping online – everything is expensive. Expensive or really, really stupid. Decide to try to pixel things for Qbee.

2:55pm: Came up with this: summer patch

3:25pm: Heidi calls again. I play Animal Crossing for the first time in over a month, and all the characters are giving me presents because it’s my birthday! I got a birthday cake from my “mom” and a bunch of nice letters. :D

4:45pm: Daniel gets home from work early!

5:10pm: I get a weird phone call so I let the voicemail pick it up. Weird message I don’t understand… Something about Dan, or Ben, and Grand Avenue, some sort of delivery? A store? What is this guy talking about?

5:13pm: MY PARENTS SENT ME FLOWERS. This is the only time this has happened. Ever. :grin: The message was from the flower deliveryman, who couldn’t get into our building.

5:33pm: Get roped into doing some work. :bored:

6:40pm: Finish work, leave house to go to dinner. Have dinner at Henry’s Tavern – we had a pear, gorgonzola cheese, and candied walnut salad as an appetizer, and then I had a crazy huge sandwich (turkey, avocado, ham, bacon) and a Long Island Iced Tea and Daniel had a garlic and tomato pizza. The waitress had to check my ID and told me happy birthday, and then after dinner she brought out a complimentary scoop of vanilla bean ice cream with chocolate shavings on top complete with a lit candle. She was like, “We don’t sing, but… here! Enjoy!” It was great.

8:41pm: Peruse the shelves at Powell’s bookstore for quite some time. I get the 5th Harry Potter (the one I got on my birthday in 2003 lives at my parent’s house) for my upcoming train ride and consider getting some knitting books but ultimately decide to wait.

9:51pm: Finally call my family, as they have neglected to call me all day and I’m feeling a bit offended. I leave a message on their internet voicemail thing.

10:30pm: Daniel serves me a mini-pie from the café nearby and sings Happy Birthday and I blow out the candle. My phone rings – the family comes through! I talk to my dad for a bit, he asks about the flowers, I tell him about my day, he tells me my Uncle Doug suffered a stroke sometime around last Monday (a week ago, not three days ago) but seems to be recovering well. It doesn’t sound terribly serious (though, really, how great can a stroke be?) but there’s some learning-to-speak-again kind of stuff involved. Uncle Doug is probably the last person I would have guessed this would happen to. Dad and Landen are going to an out of town baseball game this weekend that happens to be in the same town Uncle Doug is recovering in, so they’re going to visit. I hope he recovers quickly.

11:07pm: I open my presents from Daniel. I got the DELICIOUS Satsuma Body Butter I wanted and Eddie Izzard’s Dress To Kill DVD! I seriously cannot emphasize how wonderful the satsuma stuff smells. It is beyond heavenly. Yum yum yum.

11:38pm: We put on the DVD and I wrap up this entry. :D Hope it wasn’t too boring; I’ll admit it’s more for me to remember this day by than for it to be a fabulously entertaining account of my life, but I still hope you are not lying dead on your floor because I’m so boring.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. ;)

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  • HBSL says:

    Love you! I had a lot of fun tonight. To bad for all the squares who missed out.

  • Lita says:

    Aw snap. I didnt know it was your birthday and I missed it. Sound pretty awesome, definitely considering you got Dressed to Kill. Eddie Izzard is the funniest! Anywho, Happy Belated Birthday!

  • Elea says:

    GAH, I missed your birthday? :(

    Happy belated birthday!!