June 19, 2006 10:11 pm

Mostly Incoherent

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I’ve had a quiet, indoor weekend. I am only slightly ashamed to admit that I watched three Harry Potter movies yesterday. In my defense, I casually watched them while I was doing other things – I wasn’t glued to the TV all day long. I had a Harry Potter dream the night before that. I wish I could remember it to write it down; there were a lot of interesting things that happened, but mostly I was a student at Hogwarts and I had a bunch of adventures while I was there. </dork>

Today I picked up the apartment and organized the dishes in preparation for washing, as well as organized laundry in preparation for washing. Didn’t actually do the washing, but at least it’s ready, right?

Three glorious developments that I meant to post about a while ago but didn’t:
1. Senate defeats gay marriage ban
2. HPV vaccine approved for use
3. People are realizing abstinence-only sex-ed doesn’t work

I hurt my wrist working the other day. I don’t know what I did, but it doesn’t feel good. I have bad wrists anyway from years of gymnastics and an unfortunate accident at age 9 involving the rings at school (in which I fractured my wrist and didn’t tell anyone for the rest of the day), but it sucks just the same. I can use it and turn it over and around and stuff so I know it’s not seriously injured, but I can’t decide whether moving it around a bunch will help loosen it up or whether it will screw it up even more. I’m sure typing and using a mouse aren’t helping either. :|

I think tomorrow I will attempt things like “laundry” and “cleanliness” and “eating things other than freezer pizza.” For now, I am going to go practice being an old lady and knit.

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