June 4, 2006 9:05 pm


:note: Nine Inch Nails – “Ripe [With Decay]”

For some weird reason, I keep trying to capitalize the word “language” every time I type it. I’ve no idea why.

I got the wonderful idea today to write a PHP/MySQL script that would keep track of food. It would have a calendar where I could plan out daily menus, a place for favorite recipes (can sort by name or category), and a grocery shopping list for the meal plans. Of course, I get this idea when I’m frantically scrambling to get stuff done before finals week and trying to finish this freelance thing and trying to get the apartment to be presentable. I don’t have any time to do it, but it’d be awesome. Maybe over break?

I don’t jest when I say I clean every three months. It sounds horrible, but I really don’t do any sort of in-depth reorganizing unless I’m on break from school, which only ever happens every three months. And I was gone all last break (CANADA!) so um, nothing got done then either. :sneer: I mean, it’s not like I wallow in filth – I just have papers and bags and clothes everywhere and they don’t have a home yet.

I used to be obscenely messy when I was younger – I had a bookshelf in my room and I couldn’t be bothered to put books back on it once I was done reading them, so my whole floor was covered in books and papers and miscellaneous items. I knew where things were (and could prove it!) so I didn’t think it was a huge issue, but my parents were understandably upset about it. My grandma always used to say “There’s a place for everything, you just have to find the place.” or something of that nature, which is a nice sentiment, but I just didn’t care.

I’m considerably less messy now, but I’m notorious for letting things build up until you have to spend a whole day getting things back to normal. I think sometimes Daniel gets annoyed that I can overlook messes, but sometimes I just don’t see them, and sometimes I see them but it doesn’t bother me so I don’t do anything about it. :P

Thus begins my busy, busy week. :o

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