May 31, 2006 6:13 pm

Planning It Out

:note: The Shins – “So Says I”

This month is looking to be pretty busy. This week isn’t so bad (and it’s already half over :|) but next week is when things start to get crazy.

Week 10 is the week right before finals, so it’s when everybody is scrambling to finish everything and it’s all hectic and crazy. I’ve made an appointment for a haircut (first one since the one last November) a week from today because it is sorely, sorely needed. Later that day there’s a Student Worker Appreciation thing that I think I’m going to attend. The day after, I’m leaving on the train to go back home for the weekend. My brother graduates high school (well, we hope) on Saturday and I leave that night to get back into Portland on Sunday. Also, Paul’s birthday is on Saturday and I’m sorry I’m going to miss it. :sad:

Then finals week starts and I’ll have finals Monday, Tuesday and probably Wednesday too, and then I’ll probably work the portfolio show setup Thursday and Friday and then takedown Friday afternoon. And then the following week is my birthday and then me and Daniel’s five year anniversary. FIVE YEARS. :faint:

Pardon me while I make a public to-do list:

  1. Do reading for tomorrow’s class
  2. Do reading response for tomorrow’s class
  3. Revise paper to re-turn in tomorrow
  4. Work on Flash/XML project (actually coming along!)
  5. Do reflection questions for Monday
  6. Remember about Ryan’s b-day on Saturday
  7. Figure out what to do about a class of mine for next term that got cancelled that is, coincidentally, required for me to graduate
  8. Somehow find time to work on the freelance project


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