May 29, 2006 9:57 pm

A New Hope

:note: Slayer – “Stain of Mind”

I actively watched the first (fourth, whatever) Star Wars movie earlier this evening, so hopefully I’ll remember it. We’re about to start the second (okay, fifth). I’ve seen all three more than once, but I can never keep track of which is which – I’ll remember parts of the third movie and think they’re from the first, or the second and think they’re from the third. It’s all very confusing.

I actually think that I haven’t seen the first one all the way through – I remembered the parts with the Jawas and the club where Ben Kenobi and Luke get Han Solo to be their pilot, but not much else.

I’m totally a Star Wars person as opposed to a Star Trek person. Star Trek is just… geeky? I don’t know. I watched a few episodes when I was younger but I never got into it. I grew up watching Ewoks: Battle for Endor (had no idea it was affiliated with Star Wars, but still…) so that’s where my alliance lies.

I hope everyone’s holiday went well. Happy birthday to Bucky, who, if I am not mistaken, turned 29 *cough*again*cough* this year.

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  • Lita says:

    My mom made me watch Star Trek with her when I was little, but I’ve never been a Star Trek person. I do, however, really really want to see all the Star Wars movies. After watching Episode 1, I realized how neat they are. I’ve seen all the “Episodes,” but I’d like to see the old ones. I think I can remember the “episodes” by the progression of Anakin from little kid, to romancing Padme, to becoming Darth Vader. (Wow, that made me feel geeky.) Although, I really don’t know any of the terms or names of stuff.

    Man, you know what? Those pictures of your Bubble Tea over there *points left* really, really, really make me wish I could try some. So much that I actually considered opening a Bubble Tea shop around here (because I don’t think there’s one for at LEAST 200 miles).

    Hm. Long comment. Sorry!

  • Kudarania says:

    I’m such a Star Trek fan! I do like Star Wars (especially the video game Knights of the Old Republic), but I’ve been nuts for Star Trek since I was a little kid. This entry makes me want to watch Star Wars, though …