May 28, 2006 10:22 pm

Daniel’s Work Woes

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The thing with Daniel’s work started when he requested a transfer to a store closer to where we live. He currently works at a location that is about 45-60 minutes away by bus, probably 10-15 minutes by car. We don’t have a car, so he’s forced to use the bus. And he wanted to transfer to a place on this side of the river, for obvious reasons.

His manager approved the transfer, hired a couple of people to take his place, and then wrote up the next schedule without him on it. Said manager did not actually facilitate a transfer – only approved that one could take place. Manager apparently just assumed that Daniel would know that he was to make all the necessary calls and arrange his own transfer, even though Manager never said so and it’s really bizarre that he would have to take care of his own transfer. So. Daniel is off the schedule, people have been hired to take his place so there are no empty shifts to be filled, and he has nowhere to go.

He begins calling around, trying to find a place that would be willing to take him in. Most stores have been saying no, they just hired people, no room at the inn, blah blah blah. He managed to get another couple of shifts at his current location due to this “misunderstanding,” but still has not found a location that has room for him.

Doesn’t it seem weird that you’d have to organize your own transfer to another store? It seems like that’d be a managerial duty. And don’t you think that if you were to organize it yourself, someone would have, I don’t know, LET YOU KNOW? It’s all so frustrating. Assistant Manager called today to ask Daniel if he’d be willing to cover some shifts next week at his current store, so he will be getting about 25-27 hours for next week, but it is all so crap.

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