May 27, 2006 2:33 pm


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I’m exhausted.

I have spent the last eight days hunched over the computer (or laying down and squinting to see the screen) to make progress on my freelance job. I have also spent the last eight days being very sick. It’s a cold, but it migrated into my sinuses (in what I can only assume to be a sinus infection, hence the face aches), my ears, and my chest. I now have a scary sounding barking cough that won’t go away and my ears pop nonstop because of the pressure in my sinuses. Heidi (Daniel’s sister) and Meagan (Heidi’s best friend) are going to be visiting this weekend and the apartment is a wreck. I haven’t done the dishes in forever and it was determined that it is my turn to do them; I don’t even remember what I exchanged it for. Food, probably. Make me food and I’ll do the dishes. I have to clean up the area surrounding my computer. It’s a huge mess – I come home and throw my stuff on the floor or get the mail and put it next to my computer or leave my plate in front of my monitor. It’s bad. I haven’t installed my Adobe CS2 package yet so I can’t even enjoy that. Daniel’s work is fucking around with him again (a whole post in itself – basically, he requested a transfer to a closer store, manager approved transfer and took him off the schedule, but did not actually SET UP said transfer, so he was off the schedule with nowhere to go. It’s still being resolved.) and it makes his schedule totally wacky. Don’t even get me started on schoolwork and how that’s going.

All I want to do is get some rest and try to recover from this sickness but I can’t due to circumstances beyond my control.

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  • Oh lady that sucks. You need to go to the doc, you could have what they calling walking pnemonia, that bad cough is nothing to mess with. I wouldnt worry about things getting clean until your healthy, dishes can wait but your health is important!!!!!!

    Yes I am a mom. Are you getting plenty of fluids? Go drink some juice.