May 25, 2006 2:18 pm

Thursdays Are My Mondays

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Today has not gone well so far. It started last night when my sinus problems started getting worse and I dragged the Poof Chair in front of my computer so I could lay flat and still do my freelance work and answer emails. (I SO need a laptop.) I ended up falling asleep after the first email and didn’t do my reading or my reading response for my class today. I frequently don’t do the response ahead of time, but I somehow managed to neglect the readings all last week. I stumbled to bed a few hours later only to wake up at 6:30 (an hour later than I should have) because something went wrong with the alarm. Daniel set it for 5:30 and remembers hearing it and hitting snooze this morning, but somehow the alarm managed to stay on and not emit another sound. It was as if the clock thought, “Snooze? Ah HA! I’ll show you snooze! You will snooze forever!”

This alarm mishap effectively removed a good portion of my getting ready time for the morning, so I was forced to do without a shower. This made me irritable. Daniel graciously did his best to pack me a lunch, but we sort of have no food and I ended up with some honey roasted peanuts, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and some water. Better than nothing though.

Work was uneventful (thank god, after yesterday) and my sinus issues started getting worse toward the end of my shift. It got to the point that I was like, I need to go home and lay down. I quick did a reading and wrote a bit on it so I’d have something to hand in, went to class long enough to give that to the teacher and receive my paper back, and then I left.

I’m currently trying to ignore the marks on the paper that indicate that with no revisions, I’m sitting at about a D or a C-. This was sort of expected, since I really didn’t spend a lot of time on it and I knew there were some things I needed to elaborate on, but the comments sort of made me feel like an idiot. I’m kind of sensitive when it comes to writing, because I’ve always been under the assumption that English was my best subject and I always got As in it in high school, but my track record here for English classes isn’t nearly as great. I know I’ve gotten a C in one class and a B+ in another, and probably mostly Bs for the others. My feelings are inevitably hurt when I take an English class now.

Then it started raining on my way home from class. And I’m back in front of the computer on the Poof Chair with my wireless keyboard. Laptop = needed.

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