May 24, 2006 1:13 pm

Beware Of X-Acto Knives

:note: The B-52’s – “Roam”

Had a bit of an incident today at work. A girl was cutting mat board with an X-acto knife and totally sliced the living daylights out of her hand/finger. I didn’t see it happen but she started saying “OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD” really fast and it didn’t take long to realize what had happened. She was bleeding a bunch and visibly freaked out and worried about leaving her belongings, but fortunately I sent her to the correct department of the school (a lucky guess on my part, as we have no health office or nurse or anything around) and they took care of her. A friend ended up taking her to the hospital for stitches. IT WAS INSANE. This is apparently only the second incident we’ve ever had in the three years that my work dept. has been around. So I’d say we’re doing pretty well. And I handled it just like I should have. Success! I had to fill out an incident report form and everything. I feel bad for the girl – it wasn’t horribly serious, but she will need stitches. Craziness.

Update: She’s fine, but she had to get SEVEN STITCHES. SEVEN. In her thumb. She basically managed to cut almost the entire tip of her thumb off. The stitches were to, um, keep it on. Ew.

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  • Lita says:

    Damn. You know, I’ve had an incident with an X-Acto knife before.. I was like 8 or 9 or something, and I sat on one. Blade point up. Yes, it went in my bum/thigh area. Haha. Too much info. I didn’t get stitches or anything, but I still have a scar/gouge mark. X-Acto knives can be assholes!

    I really like the brown on your site :D That shade of brown is one of my most favorite colors! I was actually considering it for a layout change..

    Anywho, I like you’re site so I think I shall stay a while.

  • Elea says:

    *winces* That’s one of my fears (me being accident prone and all). Poor girl. And kudos to you for being so level-headed!

  • Nicole says:

    I actually had an accident with an x-acto knife last term. I was cutting one of those stupid tracing paper covers, and had my hand on the ruler. The x-acto knife slipped, and I cut a huge chunk out of my thumb. Man that hurt so bad, and fingers bleed pretty bad. I didnt go get stiches, but I was thinking I needed to, oh well.

    I am glad it didnt happen to you though, and I am glad you were able t help her.

  • callie says:

    Holy crap! Poor girl. Do you remember when I used to be prone to nearly cutting off a slice of my finger every time I used one of those things? Heh… good times… (Okay, well, it only happened twice). Anyway, it bugs the CRAP out of me that our school has no such nurse/health department.