May 23, 2006 8:57 pm

Plus and Minus

:note: Otyg – “Mossfrun Kolnar”

On one hand:
I am frustrated because I have to pick up my undelivered package at some weird UPS location that requires a car. Stupid delivery systems and their stupid delivery hours. Fortunately, our good friend Tom has a car and is willing to chauffer my butt around tomorrow, but I am still annoyed.

I am also frustrated with something I can’t really talk freely about here, but suffice to say it involves a billion emails and a few misunderstandings and major annoyances.

I am still sick.

I am in desperate need of sugar or chocolate or SOMETHING.

On the other hand:
I collected my prize today, so I am now the proud owner of a non-pirated, legitimate copy of Adobe Creative Suite 2. :D I will probably post a picture of the box a bit later. I’m afraid to install it amid this crazy freelance stuff – I’m afraid I might kill my computer and then I will have no way to finish the project and everything will be horrible. Installation will have to wait.

I got one installation of my freelance payment today!

I will get to go to Target tomorrow and use my $30 gift card.

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