May 19, 2006 10:57 pm

Coming Down With Something

:note: Beck – “Get Real Paid”

I think I’m coming down with something. So far I’ve been sneezing and I’ve got a horrible sore throat that I hoped would have gone away by the end of the day but hasn’t. This is unfortunate, obviously, but definitely could have been timed worse. My thesis paper (well, the rough draft at least) was done early Thursday morning, my presentation for the same class is over and done with, I have no homework for my Monday classes, and the other homework I have is merely working on final projects. I’d hate to have been ill during this week. At least the really tough stuff is over with.

The reason it is pretty unfortunate is that I may be starting up my VERY FIRST FREELANCE PROJECT in the next few days. It’s somewhat of a rush job (as in, they would like to launch before the end of next week) so it’s kind of scary and fast and OH MY GOD I’M FREELANCING but if all goes well, I will make some good money off of it and it’s working with WordPress, so I feel capable. Wish me luck. I’ll give you the URL once it’s up.

Speaking of the paper I mentioned earlier, it was a nightmare. For some reason, I started it at 9pm and didn’t finish until 3am and had to get up at 5:30am to go to work. It was only a rough draft though, and it’s done now, so I can feel good about that. I think, though, that it’s why I’m getting sick. Last night, I fell asleep on the couch at 9-ish, and Daniel was coming and going visiting friends and stuff and I was totally oblivious. I woke up at midnight with no idea if it was time to get up or if it was late at night or what was going on. And then I fell back asleep and didn’t get up until 9 this morning. It’s been a weird few days.

I got a $30 gift certificate to Target today for participating in a usability test for Intel. :D Don’t know yet what I’m going to get, but I’m thinking about a fondue pot. Nick, that fondue idea was great. I’m really considering it.

Speaking of being sick, my teacher was a bit late to class today and showed up looking a bit haggard with a 5 o’clock shadow – totally atypical of him. He has four little boys, and apparently three of them were sick last night with some horrible stomach bug and he was up until 4 this morning taking care of bathroom duty with them. Gah, what a nightmare. I hope this doesn’t turn into something similar. I don’t have time to be sick.

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