May 17, 2006 10:35 pm

Coffee Snob

:note: The Beatles – “Honey Pie”

Word is going around that the coffee shop Daniel is currently working for is not actually going to go through with the planned opening of a store near our place of residence. This is disappointing on several accounts, one of which being that the reason Daniel was hired with them was to work at the new store, not somewhere across the river with a 45-60 minute bus ride either way. Then the opening date got pushed farther and farther back, and now it is becoming evident that they are more or less withdrawing the plans altogether.

Daniel has already requested a transfer to a store closer to home, but it is frustrating just the same. He is more than content to work with the public (has even mentioned that he – gasp – enjoys it) and loves the coffee shop atmosphere, he just doesn’t really like the politics of the current company. The focus is more on quantity rather than quality. A fast-food coffee shop, if you will. This is disheartening to Daniel because he would like to take pride in his work and maybe take a little longer to make a better quality drink for a customer.

Speaking of better quality, he has become quite the little coffee snob since beginning work in the coffee industry. He has discovered a particular brand of coffee that he has all but deemed the only one worthy of consumption (Stumptown, if you’re interested) and will go out of his way to drink only that coffee and not other, lesser-quality brands. Today he revealed that he purchased a quarter of a pound of Stumptown coffee beans for the horrifically exorbitant price of $21/pound.

He is also beginning to accumulate a decent collection of coffee-making accessories. Only today he bought a coffee grinder, a metal cup with a handle for making Turkish Coffee, and a personal-sized French Press coffeemaker. We already have a full-size French Press, but he says that is more for making coffee for a group of people (who is he kidding? Guests? US?) and the personal-sized one is much more convenient for a quick cup just for himself. Of Stumptown coffee, of course. Anything else is rubbish.

Danbob, I love you, but you are sort of crazed when it comes to coffee.

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